Mandalorian Vambraces

Mandalorian Vambraces
Type: Weapon (Miscellaneous)
Category: Projectile

Size: 2 slots

Mandalorian Vambrace Upgrade: Pure Beskar Alloy Vambrace

Mandalorian Vambrace Upgrade: Dual Flamethrowers

Ranged Weapon Cosmetic: Battleworn Blaster

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 1


Owned by: Val Skyg

Prototype: Mandalorian Vambraces

The Mandalorian Vambraces are a pair of highly engineered tools worn around the forearms. Created to counter the deadly skills of Force-users, they have been famously utilized by many Mandalorian warriors, including Boba Fett and Sabine Wren. These vambraces come equipped with a repulsor, grappling line, darts, and a flamethrower producing a cone of fire five meters long and one meter in diameter, capable of thirty seconds of sustained fire, all of which use the Miscellaneous Weapons skill. Additionally, both vambraces feature a built-in wrist blaster using the Blasters skill. Finally, one vambrace contains a small shield emitter that produces a 40cm diameter shield capable of deflecting several blaster bolts or a single strike from a lightsaber before shorting out.

Pure Beskar Alloy Vambrace (Mandalorian Vambrace Upgrade)

Mandalorian Vambraces has been constructed using Beskar, making it nearly indestructible and resistant to lightsaber attacks.

Dual Flamethrowers (Mandalorian Vambrace Upgrade)

Mandalorian Vambraces has been modified with dual flamethrowers, allowing the user to launch two five meter cones of flame for a short period of time simultaneously.

Battleworn Blaster (Ranged Weapon Cosmetic)

Mandalorian Vambraces has seen combat, and it shows, with blaster marks scarring the body on the weapon, and minor damage in the form of scratches and dents unrepaired since they had no impact on the functionality of this Mandalorian Vambraces.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Poison Weapon