Vine Snake

Vine Snake
Type: Companion
Category: Reptile

Tameability Category: Untameable

Toxic Creature: Venomous Bite: Vine Snake

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 3


Owned by: Iron Menagerie

Prototype: Vine Snake

The Vine Snake is a serpent found in the jungle regions of many planets. They lie in wait on branches or among actual vines for camouflage and kill their victims through constriction.


Granted Aspect: Untameable (Tameability Category)


Vine Snake is wild, and its behavior cannot be modified to accept the presence of humanoids. It cannot be trained to abandon its wild instincts and will generally continue to do whatever it wants. As creature handling goes up, a character can better predict what this creature will do and empathize and understand it despite being unable to tame it. With proficiency (+3) a member could manage to successfully own and cage this creature but not safely interact with it and influence its behavior, with a better understanding and ability to manage this Vine Snake coming with mastery (+5).

Granted Aspect: Venomous Bite: Vine Snake (Toxic Creature)

Venomous Bite: Vine Snake

Mild: Vine Snake possesses a venomous bite, typically used to incapacitate its prey. In an adult humanoid, the venom will produce fatigue, pain, nausea, and disorientation within minutes, but is only rarely fatal even without medical attention.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Cosmetic
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Personality
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Physical
Item History
Date Event
Jan 4, 2020 Sold to Iron Menagerie
Jan 5, 2020 Sold to Unknown by Iron Menagerie
Mar 11, 2021 Sold to Iron Menagerie
Aug 28, 2021 Sold to Mystic Fenrir by Iron Menagerie
Aug 28, 2021 Sold to Iron Menagerie by Mystic Fenrir