Type: Mount
Category: Mammal

Tameability Category: Domesticated

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 3


Owned by: Iron Menagerie

Prototype: Bantha

The Bantha is a shaggy-haired mammal that is well adapted to desert life. They are large herbivores and loyal pack animals, famously used as mounts and beasts of burden by the Tuskens of Tatooine

Granted Aspect: Domesticated (Tameability Category)


Bantha was bred in a tame condition, and is comfortable around humanoids. It depends on humanoids for survival and looks to them for support. As creature handling goes up, a member can better understand and train and control this creature, but it will always look to Iron Menagerie for guidance and support. When a character is proficient (+3) at handling creatures, they can do all they need with a domesticated creature.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Cosmetic
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Personality
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Physical
Item History
Date Event
Aug 18, 2021 Sold to Iron Menagerie