DC-17m "Batch Edition" ICWS

DC-17m "Batch Edition" ICWS
Type: Weapon (Blasters)
Category: Special Blaster

Size: 3 slots

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 5


Owned by: Val Skyg

Prototype: DC-17m "Batch Edition" ICWS

The DC-17m "Batch Edition" ICWS is a fully contained interchangeable combat weapons system and modified version of the DC-17m ICWS Blaster Rifle. These modifications include a multitude of upgrades from enhanced optics, more energy efficient powerpacks, higher rate of fire to stronger hitting explosives when used in the anti-armor configuration which relies on the user's Explosives skill. It comes with with all three configurations, and is suitable for both medium and long-range combat as a result.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Ranged Weapon Cosmetic
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Blaster Rifle Weapon Upgrade - I, Blaster Rifle Weapon Upgrade - II, Blaster Rifle Weapon Upgrade - III, Blaster Rifle Weapon Upgrade - IV, Blaster Weapon Upgrade - I, Blaster Weapon Upgrade - II, Blaster Weapon Upgrade - III, Blaster Weapon Upgrade - IV, Explosives Launcher Upgrade - I, Explosives Launcher Upgrade - II, Explosives Launcher Upgrade - III, or Explosives Launcher Upgrade - IV
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Blaster Weapon Enhancement - I, Blaster Weapon Enhancement - II, Blaster Weapon Enhancement - III, Blaster Weapon Enhancement - IV, Explosives Launcher Enhancement - I, Explosives Launcher Enhancement - II, Explosives Launcher Enhancement - III, or Explosives Launcher Enhancement - IV
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Blaster Weapon TargettIng Enhancement - I, Blaster Weapon TargettIng Enhancement - II, Blaster Weapon TargettIng Enhancement - III, Blaster Weapon TargettIng Enhancement - IV, Explosives Launcher TargettIng Enhancement - I, Explosives Launcher TargettIng Enhancement - II, Explosives Launcher TargettIng Enhancement - III, or Explosives Launcher TargettIng Enhancement - IV
Empty Upgrade Slot
Accepts Explosives Launcher Ammunition - I, Explosives Launcher Ammunition - II, Explosives Launcher Ammunition - III, or Explosives Launcher Ammunition - IV