Type: Companion
Category: Reptile

Tameability Category: Domesticated

Item Aspect/Upgrade Slots available: 3


Owned by: Iron Menagerie

Prototype: Gizka

The Gizka is a reptile that can be found all over the galaxy. Its native planet is unknown, and they are even found on uncharted planets. They have a very high reproductive rate. As they regularly eat electrical wiring, are usually considered pests.

Granted Aspect: Domesticated (Tameability Category)


Gizka was bred in a tame condition, and is comfortable around humanoids. It depends on humanoids for survival and looks to them for support. As creature handling goes up, a member can better understand and train and control this creature, but it will always look to Iron Menagerie for guidance and support. When a character is proficient (+3) at handling creatures, they can do all they need with a domesticated creature.

Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Cosmetic
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Personality
Empty Aspect Slot
Accepts Creature Physical