Character Snapshot (Savant Sa Ool)

Character Snapshot for Sa Ool (07/20/2019, For the GJW)

Savant Sa Ool

Equite, Clan Odan-Urr
Male Kel Dor, Force Disciple, Seeker, Sentinel Adherent
Height: 2.0 m / 6'7" - Weight: 79.0 kg / 174 lbs
Age: 32 years - Right Handed
Physical Description


Sa Ool is an Orange-red skin tone with four-fingered hands and extra sensory organs with tusk on his head Kel Dor. Around his left eye is where his most prominent scars are with a huge burn mark from back in his young teenage years. Like all Kel Dors he has to wear a breather mask in atmospheres that are not similar to Dorin. Over his black eyes that have silver irises he wears black goggles.


Sa's main style of clothing he likes to wear, is a modification of traditional Jedi robes. The color of his clothing is black and his sleeves are longer so that they cover his hands fully. The bottom of his top robe is also longer but open in the front to form a partial like skirt.

Loadout: Jedi Knight (Snapshot)
He Told Me Enough, He Told Me You Killed Him (General Aspect)

Someone in Sa Ool’s past was killed and he has vowed to avenge their death. Should the object of his vengeance be discovered, he is likely to to do whatever he can to exact revenge, no matter the cost.

Strategist (General Aspect)

Through a combination of preparing, studying, and analyzing, Sa Ool creates detailed battle plans and tries to think two steps ahead of the enemy. At times, however, this can lead to Sa Ool creating complicated schemes that can baffle less intelligent subordinates.

Technically Legal (Personality Aspect)

Sa Ool prefers to push the rules to the absolute limit. While he is unlikely to actually break rules or disobey orders, he toes the line between what is allowed and what isn't at every opportunity.

Scarred One (Personality Aspect)

Sa learned a particularly painful lesson in a past fight about how Humans are not to be trusted. While some Humans have gained acceptance from the Kel Dor, he is extremely leery of any who have not clearly shown themselves to be on Sa’s side. Sa is prone to attacking any Human who is affiliated with an enemy faction or that has attacked Sa in the past. While this prejudice against the galaxy’s most populous species causes the Kel Dor issues, his healthy skepticism has prevented him from being hoodwinked by more than one Human bad actor.

Duelist (Combat Aspect)

Through careful study and dedication to isolated martial-combat, Sa Ool has turned the act of dueling into an art form. A keen eye and attention to detail allows him the ability to learn their opponent's idiosyncrasies while fighting. Sa Ool then uses his own skills to capitalize on the opponent's weakness. Because of this calculated approach to isolated duels, Sa Ool has a harder time taking on multiple opponents at once at higher skill levels.

Executioner (Combat Aspect)

Sa Ool wears out his opponents through use of the Force, agility, and evasion. Once he has sufficiently tired his foes through the Force, physical, or mental assault, he quickly tries to find a means of cleanly and swiftly dispatching them - usually resulting in a somewhat risky all-or-nothing attempt at a deathblow.

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes Ambidexterity
Force Feats
Telekinetic Wave Seeking II Telekinetic Strike Saber Throw Force Interrogation II
General Feats
Order Feat: Force Disciple (Light) Kel Dor: I Will Survive Kel Dor: A World Of Absolutes
  • Basic
  • Kel Dor
  • History of the Jedi Order
  • Lightsaber Combat Form Theory
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Broken Gate
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form V (Djem So)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form II (Makashi)