Character Snapshot (Aurora "Aura" Ta'var)

Character Snapshot for Aurora "Aura" Ta'var (2020/03/12, runon)

Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var

Equite, Clan Odan-Urr
Female Zeltron, Jedi, Arcanist, Guardian
Height: 1.73 m / 5'8" - Weight: 70.0 kg / 154 lbs
Age: 32 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

At first glance, Aura’s most noticeable feature is her crystal blue hair, which she keeps short in a longer pixie cut that falls loosely around her face, reaching down to a little past her ears. This casual but aesthetically pleasing haircut consists of multiple layers everywhere, particularly noticeable in the back, such that her hair usually looks windswept. In addition, her eyes are also crystal blue, which pairs nicely with her hair against the soft pink background that is her skin color.

As for her face, it is pretty balanced/symmetrical with no one structural feature drawing one’s attention. Her feminine jawline and curved brows polish off a face that invites you to look a bit closer. As for the rest of her body, she is generally well proportioned and has obviously toned muscles. Her skin never shows more than fading scars, a result of frequent bacta treatment.

Loadout: GJW XIII (Snapshot)
Jedi Crusader (General Aspect)

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var pledged her life to the service of the Jedi, protecting them from harm and fostering its future growth into a strong Jedi Order. Specifically, she sees herself as a sword and shield but willingly serves wherever needed. Under Vyr Vorsa’s tutelage, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var learned to follow the Jedi Code, which informs her decisions. As a result, she found a path to peace that values life. Aurora "Aura" Ta'var will only take a life as a last resort. However, if loved ones or innocents are threatened or harmed, her darker urges are tempting as a means to protect others. These scenarios breed moral dilemmas as she learns firsthand the hidden costs of being a Jedi. During these moments, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var will wage a war within herself between what is right and what is easy. This gives opponents an opening they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Faith In Odan-Urr (General Aspect)

For a brief moment, it appeared as if Aurora "Aura" Ta'var’s life would forever be defined by what she had destroyed. Fortunately, Odan-Urr took her in and gave her a shot at redemption. In her heart, she just wants to be good and feels she needs to atone for her past in order to get there. Aurora "Aura" Ta'var firmly believes that Odan-Urr gives her that opportunity through missions that involve saving lives, protecting others from oppressive regimes, and teaching the next generation of Jedi to defend themselves. As a result, personal vendettas, like hunting down Sith, have been replaced with causes that Odan-Urr champions. Moreover, she now has companions she can stand next to and protect. Aurora "Aura" Ta'var hopes that one day it will all be enough to save her soul and has faith that Odan-Urr can help get her there. However, her blind trust in Odan-Urr's benevolence blinds her to its faults.

Not Your Average Zeltron (Personality Aspect)

Raised culturally by humans, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var is a stranger to her own homeworld’s culture but has the body and mind of a Zeltron. She is playful, passionate, and enjoys life’s pleasures. These were tempered or redirected by her parents, who instilled discipline, ’hard work’, and the galaxy’s beliefs of Zeltrons. In addition, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var was raised by Church of the Force zealots who instilled in her a strong sense of duty and purpose. Fellow Zeltrons find this odd and as such she can be an oddball whilst among them. The rest of the universe still views her as hedonistic, causing non-Zeltrons to group her with the rest of her kind. The Zeltrons would disagree but thankfully know how to deal with the odd one out in a party. Over time, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var has learned to embrace her Zeltron side more, but still finds herself stuck in the middle.

Never Forget the Fallen (Personality Aspect)

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var has finally made peace with her involvement in the destruction of the Cocytus system, but the memories of those moments will always be a part of her, especially the terrifying feeling in the Force when millions cried out in pain as their lives were destroyed. She learned a hard lesson only a guilty conscious can teach: taking a life, directly or indirectly, leaves a mark forever. Sometimes people may even see her overreact to everyday experiences such as visiting graveyards and discussing tactics that involve loss of life. Aurora "Aura" Ta'var uses this burden to remember the price of hate and rash judgments. As such, she gives offenders the benefit of the doubt until she investigates further, fearing she might carry around another dead soul. This puts her at odds with militarists, many of whom are taken aback by her actions.

Warrior with a Twist (Combat Aspect)

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var is a warrior that believes that true strength is defined by the skill at which one uses their gifts, even if those gifts are not considered honorable. As a result, in addition to her reliance on her lightsaber and her affinity for Telekinesis, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var will use her natural instincts to feel others emotions to inform her use of Manipulation and Mind Trick, both in and out of combat to aid in getting what she wants. This allows Aurora "Aura" Ta'var to utilize less violent means to potentially prevent a fight or reduce the damage she might cause to her opponent. While she does not find anything wrong with using such tricks in battle, especially to save a life, her reputation has grown slowly and many duelists question the validity of her victories, making some wary and others skeptical of her prowess.

Anchor Among The Storm (Combat Aspect)

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var relies on the Force to guide her actions, sometimes quite literally. Therefore, it is crucial that she anchor herself amongst the vast sea that is the Force and her passionate emotions so she can listen rather than make extra waves. Generally, Aurora "Aura" Ta'var is capable of remaining exceptionally calm in difficult situations, listening to the Force’s guidance rather than her skewed emotions. Therefore, she can appear to lack empathy compared to emotional peers, frustrating those that don’t understand her methods. However, if loved ones or innocents are threatened or harmed, darker currents take hold and Aurora "Aura" Ta'var is more prone to acts of excess violence to ensure their safety. Afterwards, she will actively seek to find the “light” she has strayed from, calming the storm within and around her.

Skill Feats
This Is Where We Fight!
Force Feats
Psychometry I Energy Dispersion Telekinetic Strike I Bounce It Plasma Manipulation I
Granted Feats
Order Feat: Jedi Dowsing II Channel II Zeltron: Turn Down For What? Steel Curtain Zeltron: Sun's Getting Real Low
  • Basic
  • Jedi Folklore
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Mandalorian Core
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form VII (Vaapad)
Secondary Lightsaber Form None