Emerald Dagger events for Adept Rian Taldrya

Emerald Dagger events
Event ID
Emerald Dagger
Requested by
Master Evant Taelyan
Primary reason

Rian Taldrya stepped into the role of Consul of Taldryan twenty months ago, and has worked to build up the Clan fiction and backstory, provide opportunities for members and build community, and communicate and work to build a network of leaders for the Clan.

On the activity front, he has participated in over 200 different competitions during this time frame, truly leading by example as a mentor and being involved in what’s available in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Earning crescents, novae and hundreds of clusters for his effort as a member.

He also provided many opportunities as well, organizing 42 different competitions, many offering members of Clan Taldryan a means to participate and help shape the fictional identity and direction of the Clan and future. Innovatively trying to find ways to drive member engagement and create something fun and unique to build identity. This included the Caelus Chronicles, and many bits of fiction in an incredible amount of communication and reporting to members of the Clan. As well as an event run with Clan Scholae Palatinae.

For all his great work as a leader of the Clan consistently for so long, and effort to build opportunities for its members over this same time frame I want to recommend Rian be awarded an Emerald Dagger. Congratulations.

Master Evant Taelyan, 2019-09-23 03:41:51 UTC