Ruby Scepter events for Augur Rian Taldrya

Ruby Scepter events
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Ruby Scepter
Requested by
Master V'yr Vorsa
Primary reason

Rian has been a member of my staff for well over a year now and I couldn't be happier for picking him as my Magistrate. He has impressed me every step of the way thus far, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Since his debut in the Herald’s office on June 24th of last year, Rian has done an astonishing amount of work in various projects and day-to-day errands.

To begin with, ever since he joined has been hard at work on member’s warbanners and has thus far completed a total of 51 unique warbanners. As part of our bi-monthly release project, he has completed a total of 9 selector weapons (315 unique images), two selector robes (40 unique images) and two selector accessories (12 unique images), totaling 367 images in that project. He has also completed 15 Custom weapons and 10 graphics requests for the leaders of the Brotherhood which often require two or three images to complete. For the Possessions project, he completed several 3D models for ground, space and air vehicles that I had trouble finding. Combined, his efforts have gained the Brotherhood more than 450 new images that the members can enjoy.

His efforts do not end there, however. He has been an active part of the Art community, helping out where and who he can with his talent and skills. He has also been keen on learning new techniques and improving on his current skills, vastly expanding his knowledge and abilities. To say that Rian is Herald material is an understatement. His expertise in 3D modeling and 2D manipulation have created an excellent combo of quality and crispness rarely seen in this Club. He is an indispensable part of my team and I am proud to award him his third Sacramental award.

Congratulations, Rian.

  • Vyr (Morgan)
  • Herald of the Brotherhood

Master V'yr Vorsa, 2017-09-22 07:18:17 UTC
Additional reasons

As a member of Taldryan, and a Quaestor of Ektrosis, Rian Taldrya has proven to be one of the most valuable members of the Summit, and the Clan in general. Aside from his invaluable advice, and perspective, Rian is one of Tals most active and effective leaders.

Since the last time he was recognized for his efforts Rian has organized 6 competitions, and participated in 86 more earning 26 crescents for his efforts. He's earned 39 clusters of fire, 27 clusters of ice, 4 clusters of earth, and 23 clusters of graphite for his fiction, gaming, and graphics work. Overall he's proven himself to be a force in Taldryan.

Most recently, Rian went above and beyond for Taldryan by taking on the task of creating a new planetary system for TAL to call home. He designed the system, the star, and the planets of the Caelus System, and created the backbone of the fictional direction Taldryan, and by extension Ektrosis, will follow as we settle in. His work has proven to be exemplary and he is more than deserving of his third sacramental award.

Congratulations Rian Taldrya on your award and thank you for everything you've done for Taldryan!

Colonel Rhylance, 2017-09-20 09:25:28 UTC