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Golden Lightsaber events
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Golden Lightsaber
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Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu
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2 years of complete commitment, despite a RL commitment littered with reasons to step down. Sarin is the quintessential Grand Master, shirking excuses and sacrificing for the better of the Brotherhood time and time again, displaying a selflessness that would put any other member of the DB to shame. Furthermore, his time has been the most productive I've ever seen the DB undergo with club-wide reductions in antisocial behaviour, the best GJW the DB's seen and fantastic improvements to the website. His influence is undeniable and the mark he's left with set a benchmark of what's to be expected of our leaders. Without a doubt, Grand Master Sarin deserves the best the DB can give in gratitude for such a brilliant tenure. Arcona's thanks definitely go to him for the bright future the DB now sees, due in large part to his patience, guidance and vision. – Sashar Erinos, Consul, Arcona

I fully support awarding Sarin a Golden Lightsaber, and not just because he's a retiring Grand Master and I want to give him something nice. The "GM" rank for life thing is pretty nice. No, the Golden Lightsaber truly means something special, and it should remain that way. The award description refers to the Golden Lightsaber as being given to members who display the greatest form of ability, service, and sacrifice. I'd say this fits Sarin to the letter.

Though I'm sure others will bring this up, Sarin skillfully led the DB while on active military deployment… in a war zone; along with his family growing with the addition of not one, but two kids. Somehow, with all that, Sarin pushed the Brotherhood forward, either through his own direct efforts or in his delegation of duties to others.

On a more personal level, I have always appreciated the free reign that Sarin extended to me as both Headmaster and as Consul of Tarentum. It is because of his trust in me, and his support, that both the Shadow Academy and my clan have grown and rebounded. I didn't know Sarin that well before he became Grand Master, but over the past two years, I've gotten to know him better, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with him for the betterment of the Brotherhood. I'm thankful for his service, and grateful for what he has done for everyone in the Brotherhood. - Anshar Kahn Tarentae, Consul, Tarentum

While I joined during the time of Jac Cotelin as Grand Master, almost all of my Dark Brotherhood career as a leader has been under the tutelage of Sarin. First coming to Clan Plagueis, he helped me through the ranks as Aedile and Question, and then Proconsul, before leaving me with Consul when he moved on to Deputy Grand Master. Since then, however, he has always stayed a role model mentor for me as a leader, something he does extremely well. He not only helped me as a Consul, but as Headmaster, and I have been extremely gifted with the opportunity to work with Sarin over the past two odd years. His work in the Brotherhood is not limited to Grand Master, but is perhaps most visible there on a large scale. He oversaw the greatest Great Jedi War ever, and oversaw its sequel, which we can only hope is Dark Knight-ish in nature. He oversaw the revamping of the Brotherhood website and character sheets as well. None of these were minor things, either, but major changes felt by all, and everyone can proudly say that they were all changes in the positive. Without Sarin, I would not be the leader I am today, in responsibility and position, and while Grand Master for two years, what Sarin did will last a lifetime, and I, personally, am grateful for all he has granted not only the Brotherhood but me. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and motivation of me when things started to look grim ~ Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar; Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

Grand Master Sarin has sacrificed his personal time and energy to ensure the Dark Brotherhood's continued success and growth. Over the last two years he has worked selflessly to improve and continue the strong traditions of the Dark Brotherhood. Sarin's presence has been felt throughout the club, his vision resonating from the Star Chamber all the way down to the newest Apprentice. I am honored, on behalf of Clan Naga Sadow, to recommend Grand Master Sarin for the Golden Lightsaber. - Robert Sadow. Consul, Naga Sadow

The recipients of the Golden Lightsaber have displayed the greatest forms of ability, service and sacrifice for the Brotherhood; others pale in comparison to what the holders of this award have accomplished. And sacrificed, Sarin has. Since his return from the Emperor's Hammer, Sarin has proactively sought to do good within our club. This is not a recommendation for a mere two years as a Grand Master, but a long, hard-fought tenure as a leader and role model within our club. This is an achievement award. Since his sojourn from the dreaded Emperor's Hammer, Sarin has been an integral part of the Dark Brotherhood's growth, accountability and attitude. Not only did he provide a level of professionalism that we sorely lacked, but he brought a greater sense of unity and organization to his position and, thus, the club. Whether it was the project matrix, spurring new members to share ideas, asking for feedback from all sources or the occasional pat on the back for a job well done... he has done it all with heart; for the betterment of the Brotherhood. Thank you for the blueprint to something special, Sarin. You have instilled a new set of values in our leadership and your disciples will flourish within our club. Eternally. - Braecen Kaeth, Consul, Plagueis

In an old recommendation for lowly pre-GM Sarin, Jac said of him, "Sarin has been a great Consul, and I look forward to seeing what will come from him next." At that point I don't know if any of us – Jac included – knew the truly prophetical nature of that statement. I should start by acknowledging that I have been given a gift – during my time in the Brotherhood I was able to directly serve under the two greatest Grand Masters this club has ever had – first Jac, and then Sarin. To begin with some honesty...initially I was hesitant with Sarin. I knew him to be a solid leader at the Clan level, but his style was I waited and watched...and I was quickly and easily converted. Sarin approached his position with a personal drive and work ethic most of us find impossible to fathom. Consider this – Sarin achieved his success while on military deployment halfway around the world, while working 12 hour days, and while raising two children. Who amongst us can claim that sort of success? I certainly cannot, and I would be hard pressed to think of anyone who can approach that level of dedication. Now some people may say that it is easy to praise an outgoing GM merely with flowery let's take a moment to examine the record of Sarin's achievements...He presided over two of the most successful and groundbreaking Vendetta events in Brotherhood history in the Rite of Supremacy and the Eighth Great Jedi War. In the afterglow of the Vendetta's he completely restructured the fleets of all of the Clans and the Dark Council, bringing us forward in the Star Wars timeline and proving his commitment to our canon. That commitment didn't stop at fleets, for he then continued the fictional development of the Brotherhood in a way that roused the spirit and inner child for many of the members, who became eager to read the newest plot updates. In practical matters he brought a new leadership style into the Brotherhood – he brushed past the typical internet drama as if it didn't exist, he forced accountability onto our leaders, and gave insightful assessments of our achievements, abilities, and pitfalls. He was the embodiment of teamwork, driving forward on tasks himself while simultaneously guiding all of us forward towards the successful accomplishment of our goals. In addition, the Brotherhood's website got a very popular facelift during his time as Grand Master, and the Dark Covenant was modified to make it more member-friendly and protective. Finally, his crowning achievement – the development and release of the new character sheets. These encompassed an amazing amount of work – Sarin made the expansion of the force powers a personal pet project and achieved a beautiful result, while at the same time monitoring and guiding the development of the order disciplines, hand-to-hand combat styles, and overall attributes and structure. These character sheets were the first step towards a new type of activity for our club, and Sarin brought it all together. Throughout these many accomplishments, and innumerable others which I haven't mentioned, Sarin maintained a positive attitude and a love for Star Wars that was a daily reminder of why we all originally joined this club. Personally, Sarin pushed me to be a better leader – when I had become lax in my work, Sarin pointed to how I could achieve more; when I occasionally became bitter or angry, Sarin lent an ear to listen and also offered valuable insight and perspective; and when I just wanted to talk with a friend, Sarin kindly obliged. The Golden Lightsaber is awarded for ability, service and sacrifice – Sarin showed many of us how to truly embody all of these, and his example will benefit the Brotherhood for years to come. If anyone has earned the right to carry our most cherished honorary, it is Sarin. Thank you for everything Sarin, and above all I am grateful to be able to call you friend. - Kir Katarn, Justicar

I'll make this short-and-sweet, as I think what the man has done speaks for itself. Since getting the gig of GM Sarin has overseen two Great Jedi Wars, a Rite of Supremacy and the creation of a complex Character Sheet that included updated force powers and a Discipline system. However, what I most enjoyed under his reign was ensuring that leaders were made accountable for their actions. There has always been instances of leaders thinking their "above" everyone else, or just plain being inactive and letting others suffer because of it. Sarin has taken those leaders to task, removing them when they are no longer a contributing member to the club. If that was the only thing that Sarin was able to contribute during his time as GM it would be enough, but that was still only one piece of a larger whole. The club continues to grow in new and different directions because of what he has put in place. Thanks for everything, and hope to have you back in fighting form soon! - Halcyon Rokir, Sith Lord

The Wiki, The Antei System, Force Powers, Character Sheets, Rite of Supremeacy: Second Darkness, GJW Eight: Incursion, GJW Nine: Unification, New Website Layout, Clan Artifacts Update, Order Discipline System.

The above sound familiar? You might say, “Hey, that’s the club I belong to!” but you would only be half-right. It is the club Sarin helped build for you. He has had a hand in virtually everything over the last two years of his service as Grand Master, before that his service as Deputy Grand Master, and before that his service as Consul.

Sarin has produced, guided, led, improved, and inspired so many different things in the club it is difficult to grasp because they have become fundamentals of everyday use. We have become accustomed to the advances he has ushered in and would have a difficult time imagining the club without. We are accustomed to using a professional quality service for free because of Sarin’s work to give us the best product possible.

But I mention these things for those who might not know Sarin, or realize how much of what you enjoy in this club has benefited from his involvement. Everything mentioned represents only a portion of what Sarin has done for all of us. There is another facet of his role as Grand Master not as easily quantified as the projects and innovations listed above and it is one in which Sarin has excelled and raised the bar for the Grand Masters that will follow him.

The fictional Grand Master is a terrible and cruel dictator. He is immensely powerful, sage in the ways of the Force and brooks no dissent or challenge to his authority. Supremely confident in his ability to rule with an iron fist from an iron chair, he crushes any who stand in the path of his vision.

The real-world equivalent is very different, or at least, should be very different. Some who have held the position in the past treated it as though they actually were that terrible dictator, unable to divorce the fictional concept from the reality. But what we have seen over the years when it comes to administrating or belonging to this club, is that the person with whom the title “Grand Master” is associated with needs to act as a diplomat, not a dictator.

This is where Sarin has done his best, and least seen, work. This is where Sarin has set the example for not just Grand Masters—not the terrible fictional creatures, but the people behind them—and anyone at any level in any position who wants to lead, administrate, contribute to, or otherwise endeavor to run this club. We have seen the members respond. We have seen people change their methods and model it on Sarin’s example.

Projects are great. Website features are really nice. Fancy names to describe simple things are fun. But when you see one’s behavior positively influenced by someone giving their best effort in every category of what they do, then you truly have something of worth.

A great many do not understand this necessary altruism. If confused, they can simply look at Sarin’s conduct and service over the years and see what he has achieved and, as a result, what we all have achieved. Too many have treated this club as an ego-gratifier, a cult of personality. They have sought recognition for deeds and actions worth little of it. They have lauded themselves with title and station far beyond their merit. They are perplexed and angry when not appropriately recognized for their deeds.

But if they were to pause briefly, examine the Golden Lightsaber on Sarin’s dossier and read what his peers have witnessed, then they might find there is more to leadership than litanies of titles and Force lightning. - Raken, Praetor to the Grand Master

What is the difference between a great Grand Master and a mediocre one? I've asked myself this question many times, trying to distill from what I have seen the essence of what needs doing. It is not being in the right place at the right time. It is not being lucky enough to be in command when the game companies saw fit to grace us with the best that they had to offer in a way that we can use it. It's not just throwing money at problems until they go away.

So what is it? Is it working hard and long hours despite whatever real life obligations may compete for your time? Is it engineering and drafting together the perfect storm of councilors? Is it setting a no-drama standard and making examples of those who deviate? Or is it some cocktail of all these things?

I have sat at Sarin's elbow for more than 20 months, watching with keen interest, learning what lessons I could. And I think that it is not only the combination of that mad mixture of talent and planning, but also a genuine interest in the club, a real concern for how well it does. And his work ethic and attitude has set such an example that we've had an unprecedented amount of cooperation on the DC where before there would be constant bickering. His strength emboldened all of us, kept us all on task and goal driven. These are things that I wish to emulate, that any leader should seek to capture and chain to their will.

Now, people speak fondly of the era of Khyron, of the days before there was a real database, when we had a few hundred members and we're grappling beneath the stairs to build a fraction of what we have now. People call these times the Golden Age of the Brotherhood. I would disagree. I think that with the intense level of progress we've made, the depth of programming we have available, the immersiveness of what we have provided... this will prove with time to be a truer Golden Age of the Brotherhood. And I can think of no better reward for the man that I follow the footsteps of than a Golden Lightsaber. - Muz Ashen, Grand Master

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2009-03-08 14:00:34 UTC
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Golden Lightsaber
Requested by
Grand Master Jac Cotelin
Primary reason

One of the primary tasks of the Star Chamber is to ensure that the Grand Master is properly recognized for his efforts. Section 3.04(c) of the Covenant states that the “Star Chamber is charged with ensuring proper recognition is given to the Grand Master for his services, including any appropriate medals or other honors, and will work with the Dark Council to provide for such.” To that end, the Star Chamber has gathered to conduct a review of the actions and activity of Grand Master Pravus. We have further sought the recommendations of Pravus’s peers, which are appended to this. Our findings are contained in this award recommendation, as we have found his performance to be excellent over the course of the last three years. Pravus tirelessly lead the Dark Brotherhood forward and pushed the Dark Council ahead in creation of new systems and activities, and giving focus to our membership.

This recommendation will focus on four areas of performance by Grand Master Pravus. These areas are:

  • Creation of member focused activities

  • Ensuring strong Club Level leadership

  • Improvements to existing Club Level systems

  • Implementation of new Club Level systems

As to the overall performance by Grand Master Pravus over the course of his three-year term, those matters are contained within the multiple recommendations that will be appended.

-Creation of Member Focused Activities

The primary role of the Grand Master above all others is to ensure that the Brotherhood maintains high levels of activity and participation. The Star Chamber expects a Grand Master to focus his efforts both on creation of club-level competitions as well as ensuring the leadership of the club is making unit- or system-specific events. This section focuses on the club-level activities headed by Pravus.

To ensure creation of member focused activities Grand Master Pravus focused the efforts of the Club leadership team towards aligning with major Star Wars events, such as movie releases, and holidays like May the 4th. Since starting his second term as Grand Master, Pravus’s team has centered activity on four different major events. The first was focused towards a celebration around the release of Episode 7. The release of the first Star Wars movie in over a decade was an opportunity not to be missed, as previous movies have brought with them a surge in new members it was key to show the people who had newly joined that the Dark Brotherhood is dedicated to providing events focused around the Star Wars universe and celebrates new additions to it. This mini event consisted of nine unique competitions and awarded three unique artifacts for member’s dossiers.

The next milestone in the Star Wars franchise came with the release of Rogue One. Again Pravus ensured that the Dark Council had in place a series of events to celebrate the occasion, with another nine unique competitions and three artifact awards for the winners. Finally this past May the Fourth brought with it not just a Star Wars Holiday, but also a Club Holiday. To celebrate May the Fourth thirteen unique competitions were run by the Dark Council, with a set of custom robes going to the winners.

However, one must not forget the awesome effort that is displayed in running a Great Jedi War. When Pravus took over the role of Grand Master, the club was largely burnt out from the constancy of the Dark Crusade. He was determined to conduct a Great Jedi War, but also wanted to make sure it was done right. Pravus assembled an incredibly fine team and coordinated the creation of a GJW that was incredibly well-executed and well-deserved. As a part of that, Pravus pushed the development of a radical new DB storyline and a compelling and complex enemy. The work behind the GJW will go a long way toward pushing the DB in the right direction in the future.

Grand Master Pravus has excelled at ensuring all key Star Wars moments have been celebrated within our Club, and with those provided significant events that all members have the opportunity to participate in. The GJW near the end of his term was an impressive feat as well. Through these efforts, Pravus has the Brotherhood storyline to a new level and brought the club into a more regular cycle of major events.

-Ensuring Strong Club-Level Leadership

The second major category through which is a Grand Master is evaluated is his ongoing staffing and development of club-level leadership. Ensuring strong club level leadership is one of the most challenging responsibilities of a Grand Master; he must assemble a cohesive team of people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that they are aligned to lead the Club forward. This group consists not only of the Dark Council, but the Tribunes and Consuls to each Clan as well. When choosing a Dark Councilor there is a lot of discussion within the existing DC as well as some key advisors to the Grand Master, but the ultimate decision and responsibility for that decision remains with the Grand Master. Moreover, the removal of non-performing staff can be as big of a task as choosing new team members. Throughout this term, Pravus had to select two Fists, two Headmasters, one Voice, one Master at Arms, and a Combat Master. Additionally he created and filled the position of Regent to ensure completion of the Possessions project and oversee the system.

Filling a Consul position can be even more difficult than that of a Dark Councilor at times; the nature of the position of Consul widens the pool of members to gain input from significantly. This starts with the existing Clan Summit and continues to Clan Title holders as well as general membership of the Clan. The changing of a Consul can be significantly more impactful to individual members of a Clan than a new Dark Councilor, and the situation must be approached delicately and uniquely with each Clan’s personalities taken into account. Over his time as GM, Pravus has had to select (and remove) multiple Consuls.

In evaluating Pravus in this category, the Star Chamber focused its review on both the quality of candidates appointed to positions (including their “fit” within the core team of leaders), but also on the efforts of Pravus to ensure that future transitions will be accounted for. We have been impressed with the teams assembled by Pravus. There is little disagreement or strife among the club leadership and we have found that Pravus has not only put the right people on the bus, but he has put the right people in the right seats on the bus. For example, the Star Chamber has been continually impressed with the Dark Council’s alignment on the implementation of new systems, which is a sign of a team working together.

We are also pleased with the efforts of Pravus to develop future leaders. He continually discussed with his senior advisors the possible up-and-coming leaders and the transitions that will be needed upon current leaders leaving their posts. To that end, Pravus has been able to ensure that new leaders can be installed without much loss of momentum. The Star Chamber is particularly pleased with the efforts of Pravus to develop Mav into his ideal successor.

Ensuring consistency and alignment as positions change or are created can be demanding, the risk of scope creep from old projects to a new individual’s ideas always looms during these times. Pravus’ expert leadership has ensured all of the Dark Brotherhood’s leadership continued moving forward as a team.

-Improvements to Existing Club-Level Systems

Continued improvements to existing Club Level systems is a necessity for any organization to continue to prosper and the Dark Brotherhood is no exception to this rule. One of the maxims that Pravus carried throughout his term is that we need to be an organization for today, as opposed to an organization of fifteen years ago. That meant someone needed to make the hard decisions to alter existing systems, no matter the headwinds.

One overlooked but important change was the re-configuring of DB holidays. For years the Club had celebrated a variety of internal holidays; some celebrated individuals who had made significant contributions to it, others simply celebrated leaving a different club and tended to focus towards the negatives of that organization at the time. Through his initiative to change this, Pravus gained alignment of the Dark Summit and restructured the Club’s Holidays into two specific events. The first was determined to be May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day. An appropriate day that any Star Wars fan can acknowledge deserves some celebration. The second holiday selected was December 16th, which was the anniversary of the day that the Covenant of the Dark Brotherhood was approved.

Pravus was also incredibly instrumental in the re-writing of the Covenant. His efforts helped to make it more clear (for non-lawyer types) and provide several improvements, including pulling the mythical Star Chamber from behind a curtain and defining what it truly is, who represents the Club on it, and what it is responsible for. One central idea that Pravus pushed without ego or self-interest was the three-year term limit on Grand Masters. Through that change, Pravus, who might have otherwise stayed on as GM, forced his own eventual retirement. But he recognized the importance of that provision and made it happen anyway. These efforts by Pravus have made it so the Brotherhood is an organization rooted in the present, as opposed to the past. We are more defined by the Star Wars universe and activities of today than the traditions that may have previously held us back on making creative and beneficial moves.

Beyond the changes to Holidays multiple other improvements were implemented across the Dark Brotherhood. These include, but are not limited to, improvements such as additional Non Force User Disciplines, transition of the Gaming Bot from mIRC to Telegram as well as better functionality for the Telegram version, an update to Dark Brotherhood storytelling which will utilize the Dark Brotherhood systems like possessions for enemy forces and characters.

We also saw a significant fictional shift to align our club with current Star Wars canon. At times this was controversial with the membership, but the ultimate goal of ensuring a new Star Wars fan could join the club and not be forced into reading legacy books and comics to understand where it is an a fictional organization was well placed. Additionally related to fiction the Dark Councils fictional responsibilities all got an overhaul and a new home planet was created.

Pravus also made some very hard decisions in relation to existing club structure. One such decision was the closure of Clan Tarentum. Without rehashing the decision, the Star Chamber was impressed by the thorough and thoughtful manner by which Pravus approached that decision. He left no stone unturned in obtaining advice, and in the end the Star Chamber agreed completely with his rationale for the closure. We believe the DB is stronger for it.

Overall, Pravus has worked to give the Brotherhood a “fresh” feel that was long overdue. He does not hold anything sacred that was done in the past if he finds that the change or removal of something will benefit the Brotherhood in the future. That is exactly the manner of working that the Star Chamber expects.

-Implementation of new Club Level Systems

There have been multiple new systems implemented under Grand Master Pravus’s watch, but the one on which we obviously focused was his effort in completing the long-awaited possessions system. This was a project started 15 years ago and worked on by an unknowable number of members, both those within leadership positions and outside of them, over that time period. Many thought this system was a mythical idea, always looming on the horizon and never arriving within our Club. Pravus proved those cynics completely wrong. He focused the Dark Council around completing Possessions from the moment he began his tenure. Multiple other ongoing projects were sidelined to ensure appropriate time could be allocated to the Possessions initiative.

As the time to begin open testing of the system for the club neared it became obvious to Grand Master Pravus that the Possessions system had grown in complexity and could no longer be maintained as an added task to an existing Dark Council position. He also was aware that the critical nature of a system which permeated every level of our Club and would impact each member was something which required a greater level of responsibility and time than would befit a Tribune. From this realization the Dark Council position of Regent was formed and filled. With a point person firmly established the Possessions system would move forward to beta testing and become a live system in late 2016. The dream of many members had finally become a reality.

Not content to rest with the newly created system Pravus continued to push the Possessions team forward. As quickly as new content was released for the Star Wars the Possessions Team was creating it for the Club.

Pravus’s leadership and guidance of the Dark Council allowed for an accomplishment that many members thought would never be done. Frankly, he did what members of the Star Chamber themselves were unable to do, and that leaves us grateful to him.

Aside from the addition of Possessions, Pravus has guided the club through the development of new societies, new gaming resources, and other exciting developments. The Brotherhood has expanded well-beyond where it was when Pravus re-took the position of Grand Master, offering more and more to members on a daily basis.

Overall the Star Chamber has found that Grand Masters performance in serving the club has been exemplary. We placed our trust in his leadership and decisions, and we were not disappointed in the least. Pravus has been an exceptionally strong Grand Master, and we look forward to having him (back) among our ranks as a member of the Star Chamber! Congratulations, Pravus, on your second Golden Lightsaber!

Awarded by the Star Chamber

  • Grand Master Jac Cotelin

  • Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu

  • Master Darth Aeternus

  • Dacien Victae di Plagia

  • Eminent Val Cole

Grand Master Jac Cotelin, 2018-02-23 06:03:54 UTC
Additional reasons


Mav and I spoke tonight about the difficulty in writing a recommendation for you when so much has already been said. I could talk about your accomplishments as GM, but that has been handled by the Star Chamber. I could rehash some old memory of the first time we started talking, and how I knew you would be a great successor to me, but I think I did that for your first GLS. I could talk about your style of leadership, and how you always found a way to accomplish exactly what you set out to do. But, all of those things have been spoken about. While I can echo those sentiments, I hope that I can say something more.

You are a good friend, and a great man. Not just to me, but to so many of the people in this club you are a shining example of what we set out to be. Outgoing, optimistic, charming, funny and smart; these are the ideal traits that you display and that many of us wish we had in more abundance. You are a geek to be proud of, one who wears his love for Star Wars right on his sleeve. You are not only a great representative of this club; you are a great representative of the whole Star Wars community.

I hope, without me having to say so specifically, that you know how much I have appreciated and admired your work over the last three years. I love this club and I have been forever grateful to those that have continued to carry the leadership torch. You have helped provide for so many a welcome escape, and you have improved the club in more ways than many of us could have imagined. You are the heart and soul of this club, and always will be, regardless of your position.

I know you well enough to see when there is something on the horizon. The cogs are turning in your mind, and there will be little time passed before we see you going head on into your next project. And that is great; we need all the Sarin we can get.

Matt, thank you. Thank you for everything.

When you find it appropriate, please also thank Nan. Her patience and awesomeness are legendary.

To borrow from another Sci-Fi flick: I have, and always will be, your friend,


Grand Master Jac Cotelin, 2018-02-23 06:01:44 UTC

I have had the good fortune of serving as Grand Master Pravus' Deputy Grand Master for three years, and although this recommendation will focus narrowly on the last two years, and in particular on Pravus' strengths as a leader, I echo the sentiments of the Star Chamber and other Councilors in noting that the retiring Grand Master has touched every aspect of our club for the better.

Pravus has, above all else, spent the last three years building our Brotherhood. Since his last award in 2015, the club has seen tremendous changes, many of which the Star Chamber has already described. It is through his strength of leadership that the club has completed a successful Great Jedi War and implemented numerous new club systems. Perhaps Pravus' greatest strength has been his ability to put individuals in positions to succeed, from the current Regent, whose completion of the Possessions system puts to end a 15 year project, to our Herald whose development of a graphics community - and soon Society - has seen a remarkable transformation in the quality and quantity of art produced by our members. Pravus has always been willing to make the hard decisions for the betterment of the club, and his second tenure as Grand Master has been no different. As Pravus retires, our club has more ways than ever for members to experience a unique and engaging Star Wars experience and has put us in position to succeed for years to come.

At no point were the strengths of Pravus' leadership more on display than in the preparation for, and during, the Great Jedi War. Pravus saw that we needed to adjust course and correct the story both of the club and the GJW; the previous fictional plans would not have been of interest to the majority of members, something Pravus recognized. Noting the short timetable until the War, Pravus made the decision to delay the Great Jedi War by more than two months in order to allow us to build the Factions system and eventually the Collective. Pravus formed a small fictional advisory group that collaboratively developed the Collective concept into a workable enemy for the entire club. Beyond the fiction of the war, Pravus wanted us to utilize a scoring system that limited the need for members to "spam" but gave plenty of opportunities to members. The final product of this was the scoring used in the War that enabled a wide breadth of content without requiring members participate themselves to death, that all together saw more unique participants than we have had in the last two Great Jedi Wars with 217 unique seal recipients. The Great Jedi War saw a combined total of more than 1750 competition entries, marking it as a major success. Ultimately, Pravus' decision to delay the War allowed us to provide a superior product to the membership.

It has been my honor to serve with Pravus as his Deputy Grand Master, and I can see no more fitting way to send him into retirement than his second Golden Lightsaber!

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2018-02-23 06:01:18 UTC

Sarin. Pravus. Grand Master. Matt. No matter what name or title you choose to call him, the same core, unwavering principle remains the same: this guy is the mold that all Leaders should be crafted from.

For you see, Leadership isn't just about popularity and likability. No. A true Leader, quite simply, is someone that puts others before themselves. They are the ones that are willing to sacrifice their own wants or needs for the sake of others. Sarin has given more to the Brotherhood than many members can ever hope to mirror. He is in the rare circle of legendary members who has now served at the highest level of leadership not once, but twice. For many, it would be easy to use that position to promote a personal agenda, or to seek personal gratification or glory.

None of that has been the case for Sarin. The man identified early on that the Brotherhood had a burning need to grow and move towards a healthier state. He started this in returning to the Dark Council as Voice, but truly brought it to the next level when moving up to Deputy Grand Master and then preparing to take on his second term as GM. Right out of the gate, Sarin started to push the Brotherhood outside of its comfort zone.

There were shake ups. It was bumpy. It was not easy. Sarin will be the first to take responsibility for any of his decisions–good or bad. Change is never easy, and it's never something that just happens over night. Sarin laid out his plan–his vision–for how to move the Brotherhood forward, not backward. He did not have to, but he did, because for Sarin, the only thing that has ever mattered is the health and growth of this club.

Sarin started off with giving powers back to the Clans. He made bold decisions in hiring members to his Dark Council. He headlined a major Dark Covenant rewrite, part of which included putting a cap on his own term. He made the bold decision to move the Brotherhood in-line with Star Wars new Canon material. He made the decision to make sure that when we ran a major club competition, we did it right. He made the decision to close a unit that had been a part of the Brotherhood for decades. He identified what was needed to be done for future generations, and didn't leave the rest of the clubs leadership hanging dry.

He did all of this knowing that all actions have consequences. He never wavered and stood by each of them–all while perpetually increasing the level of transparency and accountability of himself as Grand Master, and by extension the rest of the clubs ruling body.

Transparency, communication, and efficiency. I guess those are the three defining traits that Sarin has brought to the Dark Council and by extension the Brotherhood. He enforces unpopular policies he believes are right, but based all of his decisions on data-driven explanations. He never executed an action "just because he felt like it". He always opened himself to listen to feedback. Even if you didn't agree with him, he made it a point to answer questions and concerns directly.

He did all of this while serving as a mentor and guiding hand to the rest of the club’s leadership. When he got wind that there was turmoil in the Voice Staff, he pulled me aside and told me. He gave me his thoughts on what he'd do in my situation, but then let me handle it on my own. It was what I needed to hear at the time, and it helped empower me to make the decisions necessary to make some changes. Almost a year later, I've now seen how those changes shaped and affected how I handle my position as a leader. And that's the funny thing. All of these decisions might not see an immediate return. They are long plays. But I truly believe that when we look back at this time period for the Brotherhood 5 years from now, we will truly be thankful for these hard decisions that were made now. The club needed these decisions to be made, and Sarin was the right person at the right time to make them.

On a personal level, I just wanted to add a few more things to this rambling excuse for a recommendation. Working for Sarin over the years has not been easy. I won't lie and say that I haven't been stressed or pulled my hair out or wanted to flip a table in frustration. However, Sarin said one simple thing to me that has helped me endure, and grow, and learn, and become better. Three simple, but very important words: "I trust you." If I've learned anything in the years following and supporting you, it's that trust is one of the most powerful things a leader can give to their subordinates.

So, thank you for putting your trust in me, Matt. Thank you for enabling and empowering me by giving a loud-mouthed former Consul that argued incessantly with the Dark Council a chance to be a CM and then Voice. I would not be here without you, and I certainly wouldn't be as confident in myself as a leader without your guidance over the years.

From the bottom of my ever-shrinking heart, thank you for everything.


Voice of the Brotherhood

Master Marick Tyris Arconae, 2018-02-23 06:00:53 UTC

There is no single person in recent DB history that has had more of an indelible impact on club systems, member engagement, and growth than our retiring Grand Master. Matt brought so many things to the table during his reign as GM that it's hard to list them all. Fortunately, the litany of voices on this recommendation have listed most of them, so I'll stick with what I know: improvements to the gaming system.

16 months ago, Pravus took a chance and brought an EQ2 on as Fist. He gave me only two pieces of advice: First, don't make any massive overhauls to the gaming system without approval. Second, figure out how to improve gaming in the club. In the nearly year and a half that followed, Matt has given me a great deal of freedom in adjusting the gaming system to allow for a broader spectrum of competition methods, supported games, and supported platforms. Matt's metrics-driven approach to adding platforms gave me the framework I needed to clearly define how games are supported, and what things would completely disqualify a game from support. His clear guidance on making the GJW unique led to the elimination of separate gaming tiers and opened up every game the DB supports for use in the most recent war. Throughout every change I recommended, Matt asked the same questions; his standards never changed once.

Matt is truly one of the best leaders (and people) in this club. His vision for the DB over the past three years has led to some incredible changes, all of them for the better. This small mosaic of digital pixels and colors is a smaller award than he deserves for all of the time, effort, and heart he has put into this club.

Congrats on a successful term as GM, Matt. Enjoy the rest. You have more than earned it.


Adept Dracaryis, 2018-02-23 06:00:19 UTC

Sarin hired me onto the DC, and has been the GM since. Every accomplishment during my time as Voice and even the mere existence of my position as Regent and all subsequent accomplishments since have happened under his guidance and support. His ability to challenge the process and ask the simplest of questions to keep things on the right track has always given me more confidence in the work being done. Specifically, the two key accomplishments of the past several years seeing release being the fiction society during my time as Voice, and later possessions system during my time and Regent. His oversight and leadership through this process to make sure all the pieces fit in the DJB systems was invaluable. As the dozens of email chains requesting his comment and feedback on a range of topics went on, with an eventual need to better define standard subject headings and consolidate topics.

Thank you, Sarin, for all your leadership and guidance during your time as GM. It must feel thankless for so much of your impact to show up in the work of your team while we get all the credit, but I know you never saw it that way.

In darkness,

Evant, Regent

Grand Master Darth Nehalem, 2018-02-23 05:59:35 UTC

I feel like a lot of what makes Matt (Pravus) awesome has been said in the main recommendations, so I'll keep mine humble and short. I haven't had the pleasure to work with Matt before becoming Herald. We never formally met except when I asked him to kill off my old character when he was Voice (talk about an icebreaker). That said, it was a risk and it was a leap of faith for him to give me a DC job, a lowly (at the time) Equite who could do graphics and had worked under 4 separate Heralds but never outshone them or showed up on anyone's radar. Some would say it was the obvious choice in retrospect, but most people don't really understand the responsibility of a Council position, no matter what office. If the Clans are the body of the Club and the members its heart, then the DC is the cool head that leads and the responsibility on all of us to deliver on time and with efficiency is huge. Matt gave me the opportunity to prove myself as Herald and as a Councillor. To me, that's a sign of a great leader and a great person not because he makes the tough decisions, but because he gives so many opportunities and hands you his faith in you on a platter. I can only hope that I haven't failed his trust even once because I'd be ashamed and disappointed if I did. Thank you for your dedication to the Club, for your leadership and your friendship over the past three-odd years. Your trust will always be appreciated and respected.

  • Vyr (Morgan)

  • Herald of the Brotherhood

Master Orse Olo, 2018-02-23 05:59:02 UTC

Sarin and I have an interesting relationship. And we have a system. He awards his medals and keeps me out of it. Then I yell at him for not providing details so that people in 10 years know what the hell the medal was for. For service as Grand Master, I would enjoy recommending Sarin for a medal. Because you are a boss. Thanks for all you do for our club. I really appreciate it. </stolen from Sarin>. Woo!

Prophet Howlader Taldrya, 2018-02-23 05:58:22 UTC

During his time on the Iron Throne GM Pravus led the Dark Jedi Brotherhood through a period of unprecedented change. The right person at the right time, he immediately set organizational goals, implemented rigid completion timelines, and provided an unparalleled level of transparency, welcoming member suggestions and feedback. One would be hard pressed to identify someone more committed to the collective growth and success of a organization. It would be a disservice to merely say GM Pravus served the Brotherhood, quite simply he lived the Brotherhood. Thank you for your service GM Pravus, we are incredibly appreciative of the hard work and dedication you afforded us during a tenure that passed too quickly.


Eminent Montresor, 2018-02-23 05:57:53 UTC

Sarin is a DB legend. Years after his first term as Grand Master he still had the desire and drive to serve as Voice, Deputy Grand Master, and, of course, fill the Iron Throne a second time. During my time as Headmaster I saw him lay out a vision, give clear direction, and then step back and let his Dark Council, staff, and other members do work. He's always been open to advice, but never hesitated to make a decision. The Path and Order system and Possessions are proof enough that his approach to leadership paid dividends.

It has been a privilege to work with him over the years, and I'm sure this won't be the last we see of him in leadership. This club would not be as strong as it is today, two decades in, without his dedication and hard work.


Master Dacien Victae, 2018-02-23 05:57:24 UTC

It is no overstatement to say that Pravus, or Sarin as most of the club knows him, ushered in a period of great change and growth for the club when he returned to the Iron Throne three years ago. As Pronconsul then Consul of Odan-Urr I had the privilege of working directly with him for most of this tenure as Grand Master. While COU benefited from the club-wide changes Sarin championed such as the introduction of NFUs, the gray path and the long-awaited possessions system, he also made a series of decisions that directly contributed to Odan-Urr becoming and fulfilling its potential as a full Clan of the Brotherhood.

First, upon taking office Sarin made an immediate decision to bring all the units of the Brotherhood up to clan status. For most of the older units this was a re-clanning but for Odan-Urr this was our first time reaching clan status. I was a new join to House Odan-Urr and took my first tentative steps in club leadership with a summit that whispered of clanning as some distant dream we had to work to achieve. That small status change was a big deal for the Odanites, finally, we were truly equal to the other units in the Brotherhood with a clan title of our own and equal standing to the older units. We were at last able to form houses and expand our little corner of the shared DB universe. Throughout the entire process of Clan Odan-Urr taking shape Sarin worked hand in hand with us to get those clan institutions in place.

Second, and probably most influential to COU's development came roughly two years ago when Sarin sat A'lora and I down to discuss the future of COU in the Brotherhood. We all agreed it did not make sense in-character for a clan of Jedi to exist in a Dark Brotherhood. Several options were discussed and the destruction of New Tython was agreed to by all. Contrary to what many believe Sarin didn't dictate that outcome to us, if we had wanted to go another way he would have worked with us. Instead, he empowered us, the clan leaders, to choose which path to take. We worked closely with Sarin and the Dark Council on the development of a new fictional direction and home for COU that would see us realize our full potential as a light side clan in the Brotherhood. We were free at last to be the light in the darkness. Sarin let us have a real purpose for existing in the larger Brotherhood fictional scheme. I know some aspects of that plotline became controversial over time and changes were rightfully made toward the end of Sarin's tenure but his decision to let COU be unabashedly light and the flood of member engagement and creativity that resulted from that will echo for generations to come.

Others will speak to Sarin's many accomplishments as Grand Master and how he brought about an era of progress and transparency to the club. As a unit leader I did not always agree with his decisions, but even in dissent I always felt like I was heard and had a voice. There were even a few times he was swayed by my arguments. He may have had some misgivings about me when I first became a clan leader, but he gave me a shot anyway and I hope I did not disappoint. If there is one thing I wish to convey to the general membership after working with Sarin directly for two and a half years it is that his guiding star has always been the experience of the individual member and he impressed that upon his dark councilors and unit leaders. Every decision he made, no matter how difficult, was made with you, the individual member, in mind. He welcomed dissenting opinions and carefully weighed all sides to the best of his ability before making a decision. I argued with him over those years and I will argue with him still on certain matters but at the end of the day I hold Sarin in the highest of respect because he really does hold the membership closest to his heart.

So on behalf of all the members of Clan Odan-Urr past and present, I proudly lend my voice in support of presenting Grand Master Pravus with our highest award. Thank you for your continued support of Odan-Urr and its leaders.

Turel Sorenn

Consul Emeritus and Councilor of Urr

Warden Turel Sorenn, 2018-02-23 05:56:56 UTC

I'm usually pretty nostalgic and thoughtful about the history of the Brotherhood. I come up with "random facts" probably once a day. While Tarentum is now closed and gone away, I think a little bit of nostalgia is needed in discussing Sarin. Our case, in my opinion, adequately describes him as Grand Master.

When Sarin's most-recent term as GM began, there were quite a number of voices proclaiming that Tarentum ought to be closed. The only person who seemed willing to give us one last shot was Sarin himself. Going against the general recommend that it would be healthier for the Club if Tarentum were closed three years ago, Sarin gave the reins of Tarentum literally to itself, and said, "Come on. Get yourselves up and go. Be all you can be." Even his motivational speeches scream "Army." (Just kidding.)

While some like to confuse the evil character he portrays with the man sitting behind the computer, it's very telling that Sarin does not hold grudges. If he did, Tarentum would've been closed immediately. Time and again, the Clan showed a willingness to fight the Dark Council on everything for no good reason, or it was a place where members were being bullied, ignored, and just felt ostracized. Those habits were changing, even at the end, but quite frankly, sometimes you just have to say "that's enough." Tarentum was closed. Again, where Sarin could have said "the Dark Council and/or Star Chamber have voted to close you," he instead said "Yes, I sought out advice and thoughts, but in the end, this decision falls on me, and I am closing you." From Tarentum's standpoint, closure is closure. It sucks either way. And yet, it still speaks about Sarin as GM. It still speaks about how he sees his position as head of the Club. The hard decisions have to be made from the Iron Throne, and he doesn't share the blame. He doesn't pass the buck. He accepts the good and the bad, because that's what is required of that position.

As leaders, we all ought to try and parallel that attitude and accountability. We have to make choices, both good and bad. As both a member and leader within the Brotherhood, I have been given opportunities by many, including Sarin. I have never had the "friendship" with Sarin that I had with Jac. I have never had that "peerage" with Sarin that I had with Muz. The professional relationship with Sarin isn't one mimicked by the relationship I have with any of our past GMs. And yet, the daily interactions and overall professional acquaintance that I have with Sarin has shaped me. And, in some ways, I hope I have had an impact on him in some fashion or another. And if we all look at this objectively, Sarin is getting us back on track to where we need to be as a Club. We are getting a new Grand Master, and not recycling old leadership. We are getting a Grand Master who, after the Split, was ambassador to the other Clubs, and helped guide the Brotherhood towards the vision that we are becoming.

It is not an easy feat to reward someone who has sat on the Iron Throne. As a Club, we give them the rank of Grand Master (I feel it actually is the Club giving that rank to those chosen few), and we submit our power to them, and ask them to guide us. We often provide token gestures, such as images of lightsabers and other trinkets. Yet, more worthwhile than any simple image is true thanks. While the end of Tarentum still hurts, it is not an end that I blame on Sarin. Instead, I thank him for the profound respect that he had for both myself and the Clan as a whole, and the support he was to me and the entire Clan throughout the process. I think him for his work over the last three years, in trying to do what he believed would be correct for this Club, and all of its members. I am grateful that, after two decades of membership, this Club is still here, and I know that Sarin is a large part of why this Club still exists. His support financially, as well as in all actions, benefits all of us. Whatever award the Star Chamber bestows upon him for this, please know that my very real support, and sincere gratitude go along with it.


Master Zsarion Bloodfyre, 2018-02-23 05:55:39 UTC