Sapphire Blade events for Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia

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Sapphire Blade
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Warlord Vivackus Kavon di Plagia
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OK, so the first image I get in my head is that of his recent GJW Multimedia entry. However, once I get past that, I see nothing but a hardworking and dedicated member of the unit. I’ll start with his stellar work as Aedile in Ajunta Pall. Furios is always keeping the summit, all of us, on our toes. Be it with his quick wit or level headed ideas, he’s always there keeping things moving. He may not have his name on reports, but he’s often there working hand in hand with Teylas. He does everything we ask of him and a fair bit more. Furios also was responsible for pushing forward a number of our team events, including the aforementioned multimedia entry as well as a run on team. His leadership as made HAP, and Plagueis as a whole, a better place since he’s taken over the job.

While that alone would warrant recognition, Furios has also been one of the most active members in the unit. Since July, Furios has competed in 35 competitions, including all eight in the Anchorage event (in which he took second overall) and ten more in the Great Jedi War. In addition, Furios ran two competitions, both of which served to supplement things we were doing in the unit at large. Among those efforts he’s picked up a number of crescents and a Legion of the Scholar. Furios is an example to others in the unit and also successfully mentored a number of members, most notably Ra’gnar for which he’s received a Scroll of the Master. He’s also been working hard with Azmodius to make him a better member and has been having a fair amount of success.

While I’ll leave it to others to talk about other things, such as his gaming prowess and work with the Fist’s office, I just wanted to reiterate what an important contributor Furios is. Without him, we’d be out a solid leader, a good mentor, an active member, and a source of constant entertainment in the summit channel.

Good work sir!

~SBM Kz’set

Warlord Vivackus Kavon di Plagia, 2015-02-25 03:07:52 UTC
Additional reasons

A Sapphire Blade is said to be given to the most consistently dedicated members of a clan. Without a doubt, that is exactly what Furios has done. Furios became my Aedile almost immediately upon my ascension to Quaestor almost a year ago. Since then he has diligently been by my side learning, doing anything asked of him, and most importantly as a leader and member of our summit: helping to guide new members in their journey through the Brotherhood. Essentially anything you could want from a right hand man. His involvement "behind the scenes" has been critical going back to even before Plagueis was a clan, helping to create much of what we did back then, and continuing to help keep the clan an active, fun place to be.

Others will talk about quantifiable things that Furios has done to earn this Sapphire Blade, but it's what you can't necessarily quantify that Furios has done that has earned this. His assistance to the daily running of Ajunta Pall has been, without a doubt, a great asset to both Plagueis and I. I couldn't imagine anyone else really helping me run Ajunta Pall like Furios does, and especially his ability to jump onto problems before they even really become problems. I can only hope that Furios is around for another year to keep the running of Ajunta Pall as smooth as the first year was! I also expect this Sapphire Blade won't stop Furios from pumping out a House report six hours before it's due as I've asked him to do on more than one occasion. Whoops! Congratulations.

Warlord Teylas Ramar, 2015-02-25 03:07:45 UTC

Last July Furios came onto the Fist Staff as the individual responsible for running TOR activities for our Club. Within a month of joining the staff Furios proposed an overhaul of the way that Officers are chosen within the TOR Guild and what responsibilities those Officers would have. This improvement also resulted in a much needed shake up of the Guild Officers. Shortly after completion of that he conducted a review of Clusters of Fire earned for TOR, first of Flashpoints and later Operations. There were some modifications made to ensure that the Clusters of Fire remained balanced to all other platforms, this is an ongoing and difficult battle in a game like TOR and requires constant vigilance.

Finally Furios turned his gaze to the entire rank structure of the TOR Guild, and proposed a new setup entirely. Merging some ranks to eliminate redundancy. When TOR's newest expansion launched in December of 2014 Furios quickly made recommendations for establishing the Cluster of Fire awards for the new Flashpoints, as well as modifying them for older Flashpoints which had been changed with the expansion.

In addition to all of the background administrative work Furios has been active in TOR, running a weekly raid which is open for any member to join. Furios has done an exceptional job managing the TOR guild over these past eight months. Well done and congratulations! You've earned it!

Eminent Val Cole, 2015-02-25 03:07:10 UTC