Character Snapshot (Augur Xantros)

Character Snapshot for Xantros (01/20/2021, Into the Abyss Run-On)

Augur Xantros

Equite, Clan Scholae Palatinae
Male Duros, Force Disciple, Shadow, Sentinel Adherent
Height: 1.9 m / 6'3" - Weight: 80.0 kg / 176 lbs
Age: 66 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Xantros is a typical Duro with green skin, as well as noseless and hairless head. His body is fit and lean. He has few scars on his face, arms and chest, but no tattoos

Loadout: Combat loadout (Snapshot)
Problem Solver (General Aspect)

Xantros looks at any problem he comes across and instead of immediately complaining about it sets out to figuring out a solution. He will work tirelessly to find workarounds or a solution, but can often overthink the resolution and come up with a "fix" that is actually more complex than needed. This driven approach to fixing problems can be helpful at times but grating at others when a simple "restart" would have accomplished the task quicker than re-programming the entire device.

I'm Gonna Be a Master of Disguise (General Aspect)

Xantros is a master of fitting in and impersonation. There is scarcely a planet in the galaxy where he can't manage to find a way to fit in, be it throwing together a convincing imitation of local guard or pretending to be a regular local. Xantros is so good at such that he may have seemingly lost all sense of personal style and flair, leaving him as always simply the imitator.

Think Through Your Exits (Personality Aspect)

Xantros doesn't do anything without first having a plan, and is constantly overheard advising others to always “think through their exits”. Every movement he makes—be it combative, manipulative or otherwise—is premeditated and thought out ahead of time. This foresight often places Xantros two steps ahead of his peers. However, when plans go awry, Xantros often has to first backtrack those same two steps to address the present, and that hesitation can often be line between success and failure in the heat of a situation.

Loyalty To The Higher Cause (Personality Aspect)

While many may consider Xantros as a traitor to the Final Way or suspect him of immoral motives that have made him join the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr, the Duro knows, where his true loyalty lies. He has completely devoted himself to the higher cause, which is unifying the Galaxy and bringing peace and wealth to its inhabitants. If his actions are reviewed in the light of his quest, it will become clear that he joins the side, which he sees to serve his goal in the best way at the moment.

Bothans Do It From Behind (Combat Aspect)

Xantros will never go into any situation head-on. Whether it be combat or just strolling down the street, he will stick to the shadows or cloak themselves in the Force. The less they are seen the better. If they cannot sneak up on someone, then Xantros will not bother confronting them.

Always Prepared (Combat Aspect)

Sometimes the only way to prepare for the worst is to always expect it. Xantros takes this philosophy one step further by never leaving home without accounting for every possible scenario he might expect to encounter. Xantros tends to always have the right tool or item for a situation and has a habit of quietly and almost smugly presenting solutions before anyone even recognizes there is a problem. This foresight is far from infallible, however, and he often finds himself at a loss in situations that go beyond what he could have imagined. While incredibly practical and often a life-saver in a pinch, his perpetually pessimistic outlook on daily life can be a bit draining on more optimistic-inclined companions.

Skill Feats
Force Feats
Energy Dispersion Ghosting II Faceless II Moving The Masses Dominate Mind Alter Image
General Feats
Duros: Duro the Explorer The Force is With Me Order Feat: Force Disciple (Gray) Steel Curtain Duros: Adventure Time!
  • Basic
  • Durese
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Shadow Step
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form II (Makashi)
Secondary Lightsaber Form None