Silver Sash events for Darth Renatus

Silver Sash events
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Silver Sash
Non-site XP
279624 XP
Requested by
Master Aramis Taelyan
Primary reason

Atra stepped into the Justicar role 2.5 years ago and has managed the staff and the integrity and safety of this community the entire time, in a way I can only describe as boring. That isn't to say a lot hasn't happened and he didn't oversee very important decisions in how to handle situations as they came up, but his level head and attention to detail has kept everyone having fun and free of any harassment or issues. The existence of people like Atra willing to enforce the Covenant which is one of the keys to this great community is invaluable. Yet this medal will attempt to apply some value in recognition of all that he has done. Congratulations Atra, and good luck on what comes next as I'm sure you'll continue to dedicate your time to helping us all have a fun and safe time participating in the DJB.

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2023-10-06 17:23:08 UTC