Diamond Sword events for Darth Renatus

Diamond Sword events
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Diamond Sword
Non-site XP
109303 XP
Requested by
Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Primary reason

Atra has over the past two years, spent time as the Combat Master, a member of the newly formed Vizsla, Praetor to the Grand Master and most recently finishing up a year as Regent overseeing the possessions systems.

As Combat Master, up to the end he spent time updating skills, feats and guides as he strove to improve usability for the systems. He ended his two years as Combat Master but continued his impact on the Brotherhood as Praetor to the Grand Master. As P:GM, Atra participated in a range of projects, including proposals for overhauling the Path system, and in running the Pulsefeed News Aggregate updates, which he now handles as Regent. Eventually, Atra would help establish and then join the newly formed Vizsla Clan, and continued to participate in competitions and events earning crescents and Novae for his quality efforts as a member. Atra helped to write numerous documents that would form the Clan's successful proposal and subsequent strong launch.

Then when the opportunity came up, he became the Regent. Immediately stepping in during a vendetta and picking up where Evant left off and keeping the list of projects going to build a complete experience and system. While reviewing and refreshing the staff to provide an experience for members who submit custom aspects to get what they want quickly and efficiently. This included being the Regent over two vendettas, Discord and later Homefront, along with a Prologue event to introduce a new faction Prison Break. His impact alone on these three major Brotherhood wide events was incredible and he contributed much to their success. As an organizer, a storyteller, an administrator and a leader. In addition to these successful events as a member of the Dark Council, Atra oversaw updates in policy to improve member experience, as well as large content expansion in lists of available items and availability of upgrades for members space vehicles. Along with a roadmap for great future plans.

For all his incredible contributions to the Brotherhood across a wide range of roles, I recommend for Atra a Diamond Sword. Congratulations!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2020-08-27 19:40:34 UTC