Emerald Dagger events for Darth Renatus

Emerald Dagger events
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Emerald Dagger
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Telaris "Mav" Cantor
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In the last ten months since his previous Sacramental, Atra has been incredibly active at multiple levels in the Brotherhood. In general activity, Atra has participated in 44 competitions and earned more than 900 gaming Clusters, 19 Clusters of Ice, and 16 Clusters of Graphite. While this activity is certainly noteworthy, Atra's major contributions have come as Combat Master in managing the ACC, in his excellent work in GJW XII last year, and as a constant participant or project lead in endeavors to improve character sheets and related content.

As Combat Master, Atra has helped build the ACC into a platform that can be appreciated by all members. Atra regularly engages with summits to encourage the usage of the ACC, and is always willing to work with the Clans to provide ACC opportunities for members, such as when he assisted in the administration of the CNS event The Harrowing. Atra continually updates and adds to Venues, and even has introduced a new 'mode' for the ACC in the Scenario Hall, where each venue has a unique experience and prompt that sets the stage more explicitly and provides unique experiences based on the venue used, including multiple opponents and specific objectives defined in the prompt. This Hall has been an early success we hope continues. Atra has trained more than a dozen members to be Judges from across the Brotherhood, including the current crop of Judges: Kelly, Areticus, Lucine, Grot, and Turel. Notably, Atra also trained a Dark Councilor, Farrin, in time for us to utilize him in the Great Jedi War. Atra himself has judged 46 battles since his last Sacramental (the majority of which were in the GJW, discussed below). Importantly, Atra has helped ensure that knowledge of how the site functions for the CM is maintained and open to future CMs through the creation of a CM Reference Manual.

Atra's contributions to the Great Jedi War were immense. From designing venues to running competitions, Atra was a major force throughout the two ACC 'phases', as well as the combat fiction. In total, his events garnered 105 unique participants and 129 entries, marking the largest participant total in ACC events in my memory. Atra was wholly responsible for the prompt and preliminary grading for Collective Strike, which garnered 40 participants. Moreover, he had more than 30 battles judged in the first Phase of the ACC in GJWXII, the open ladder, as well as judging the final bracket phase. Without Atra, the ACC would likely have been absent from the GJW.

Atra's Brotherhood-wide contributions are not restricted to the ACC or the GJW alone. Atra is tirelessly involved in the developing the character sheets and related items. From the addition of new species (e.g. Ewoks, Devaronian), to his updating the tiers of Skills, Feats, and Powers, to minor changes regularly to Skills and Powers to keep updated with current Star Wars canon, Atra is an invaluable member of Team Character Sheet. More recently, Atra pushed for and assisted Evant with the implementation of an armor system that will enable members to utilize their armor items in fiction more easily. These contributions have bettered the membership experience and helped address long-standing issues with our character sheets, particularly in the case of armor.

Atra is among our most important leaders. As the Combat Master, he oversees a platform unique to the Brotherhood, but his contributions go so much further than 'just' Combat Master. Moreover, Atra is always willing to step out of his role as CM, or expand on it where it is necessary. Without Atra, the last Great Jedi War likely wouldn't have had any ACC options, and his incredible judging turnaround time and ability to handle multiple battles quickly is what enabled us to really succeed and to have a model for how to utilize in the ACC in future Vendetta events. Atra is an integral member of our development team that creates and refines the membership's experiences with the Brotherhood fictional tools, especially the character sheets. More importantly, Atra is an advisor I trust and rely on beyond just the ACC. In short, Atra's efforts over the last ten months have been immense, and it is without a doubt that he deserves this Emerald Dagger.

I know I speak for the Deputy Grand Master and the Voice as well when I say congratulations, Atra!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2018-04-28 15:41:44 UTC