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Steel Cross events
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Steel Cross
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Master Selika Roh di Plagia
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Since his promotion in the beginning of March, Pollus Paratus has been on an absolute tear of activity. During our just completed The Enemy Below event, Pollus all 24 possible competitions, placing in six of them (2nd in Week 2 Logic Puzzle, Poetry, and Week 3 Fiction with 3rd place finishes in Week 1 Fiction, Flash Gaming, and Puzzle). He scored 179 total points for his team, good for an overall individual 4th place finish out of the entire Clan.

In total since his promotion (a time period of only about 40 days), Pollus has entered a staggering 50 competitions and placed in 13 of them. His placements have earned him the following Crescents: 2 Ruby, 4 Amethyst, 4 Sapphire, and 3 Emerald. In the realm of fiction he has submitted 5 fiction activities and amassed 6,707 words of fiction, netting him 14 Clusters of Ice and advancement from rank I to IV in the Fiction Society. Gaming wise, he has 2 PvP matches and 3 PvE activities that have earned him 3 Clusters of Fire and 60 Clusters of Earth. Additionally, he has amassed 6 Clusters of Graphite for graphical work. Finally, he has passed 15 Shadow Academy courses to complete his Dark Maven - Lore, Dark Maven - Galactic History, and Dark Savant - History and Lore degrees and advance from rank V to VII in the SA Society.

All in all, Pollus Paratus has demonstrated a level of activity over the last month+ that most members have not been able to match since the beginning of the year. As such, it is my honor to present him with this award in recognition of his outstanding performance.

Master Selika Roh di Plagia, 2017-04-17 00:59:03 UTC