Ruby Scepter events for General Socorra Tenebrosa Nhar’qual Erinos

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Ruby Scepter
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Master Aramis Taelyan
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Socorra has been a great help to me as Grand Master since joining my staff over half a year ago. Her help in discussing my plans for member experience and where all the various projects I had going were at at organizing and moving things forward has been helpful. While I will let future awards speak for her accomplishments on specific projects, her support of me while continuing to be a rockstar within her Clan have more than proven she has earned this medal. Congratulations Socorra on your Ruby Scepter.

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2023-01-06 00:01:45 UTC
Additional reasons

Socorra is one of Arcona’s “old guard” that managed to claw her way out of retirement, and she returned with a vengeance. In raw stats, since her merit recognition in January, she has organized no less than 31 competitions, co-organizing 2, and participating in a staggering 222, 29 of which were from GJW XV as evidenced by her collection of Seals of Ascension. From that, she has collected 54 placements that included a Gold Nova, a Silver Nova, and 5 Bronze Novae. From gaming, she collected 1 Cluster of Fire and 23 Clusters of Earth. Where she really shines though are in fiction and graphics: 122 Clusters of Ice from over 54,000 words of fiction across regular fiction activities and roleplaying, and a staggering 158 Clusters of Graphite from her many quality contributions in the DJB art community. Additionally, she also mentored a newcomer into Knighthood, garnering a Scroll of Indoctrination, plus a Seal of Loyalty for her steadfast dedication to Arcona so soon after her return. Even in the Shadow Academy, she has been particularly busy, cranking out 38 courses and earning 4 SA degrees in the process.

Within the Clan and House, she has worked as Battleteam Leader for the last 8 months to reinvigorate House Galeres by generating a new Battleteam — the Dajorran Marshals, a space-cowboy vigilante group dedicated to patrolling Arcona’s home system — from the prior Spectre Cells Battleteam to which she was originally appointed. In that time, her primary efforts have been to instill a sense of belonging in the BT as well as vigorously generate activity through several large RP efforts. The latter included not only generating story arc material, but also the myriad maps that went with them for the members to reference the course of the plot. This was all in addition to her esoteric work as Praetor to the GM.

Socks has been a welcome return to the Clan. She tackled the learning curve of a long absence, came in swinging, and set herself and others up for success in the process. So thank you, Socks, for all of your hard work.

Consul, Clan Arcona

Qyreia Arronen, 2023-01-03 16:30:25 UTC

Since she has returned to Arcona, Socorra has been a wealth of knowledge to inquiry about leadership skills and guidance to facilitate the betterment and growth of the house. In her return and during this time to share her presence on the Summit, Socorra has assisted in running two house events, Operation Stormfront and The Blindshot Games. She has assisted in preparing and setting up the competitions within both events. She has picked back up the rhythm of being a leader quickly as the Operation Stormfront was just at her appointment of BTL of Dajorran Marshals. Socorra is deserving of the Ruby Scepter by all of her accomplishments previously acknowledged by Qyreia and Nehalem, and the continued dedicated drive to improve membership experience with her hard work as the House Battle Team Leader and throughout DB leadership as the P:GM.

Jael Chi'ra
Quaestor, House Galeres

Vorran Shadowfeather, 2023-01-06 00:00:28 UTC