Sapphire Blade events for Warden Revak K'Urr

Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
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Prophet Dacien Victae
Primary reason

Revak is the latest in a remarkably successful line of COU Consuls, stepping up to replace Blade right before the most recent vendetta. He was awarded a Grand Cross for his success at that time, and since then he's impressed us all by maintaining COU's momentum with 32 organized competitions and a major push into the newly supported RP system. As for personal activity, Revak has been a beast, participating in 57 competitions and winning 14 crescents, while picking up 2 CFs, 58 CEs, 11 CIs, and 23 CGs.

I'm happy to recommend Revak's first Sapphire Blade. Congratulations!

Prophet Dacien Victae, 2022-01-12 22:18:57 UTC
Additional reasons

I don’t think Odan-Urr could ask for a steadier or more consistent hand at the helm than Revak. He gives the Clan a strong vision for community engagement, retention, and growth combined with a rock-solid work ethic to make all those things happen. He’s so on top of the day to day business of the Clan that often I find he’s already taken care of something and moved onto the next thing before I even have a chance to look at it. We are blessed to have him.

Just in the past few months, Revak spearheaded a significant reorganization of COU with the birth of two new houses, ran the Illuminance clan event which saw 18 unique participants and hosted the Odan-Urr Life Day event which saw 50 unique participants from across the club. He’s organized an impressive 32 competitions overall just since August.

He leads by example on the activity front. Since his last recognition, Revak has participated in 50 competitions taking home 13 Crescents for placement as well as garnering 11 Clusters of Ice, 17 Clusters of Graphite and 60 combined Clusters of Fire and Earth. Revak has also attended almost all of COU’s weekend community events on Discord. He is visible, present and one of the biggest cheerleaders we have for members and rising leaders.

On behalf of the Odan-Urr community, please accept this small token in recognition of all your hard work and sterling example.

Turel Sorenn
Proconsul, Odan-Urr

Adept Rajhin Cindertail, 2022-01-07 16:55:03 UTC