Anteian Cross events for Knight godarrow

Anteian Cross events
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Anteian Cross
Requested by
Warlord Fremoc Bloodfyre Pepoi
Primary reason

Gigadeth is one of the TOR Guild’s most stalwart members, maintaining several high-geared characters, and using them frequently to further the guild through raids. Never one to ignore a request for help, he is often seen helping lowbie players, or sending crafting materials to others. He is one of our best raiders as well, featuring often in our premier raid group. He provides both advice and insight on his favorite class, the Mercenary, and has helped several of our members to achieve far more with theirs than they had before. We would be at a loss without his presence.

Sith Battlemaster Archangel Praetor to the Fist

Godarrow aka Gigadeath, is an amazing player who has been able to make himself one of the most sought after mercenary DPS in the guild. He works as a Mercenary DPS class advisor, helping out other mercenaries get their gear. He also has been able to reverse engineer a mod that juggernaut tanks need, which he has made our tanks. With Archangel's recommendation I'd like to recommend Gigadeath for an Anteian Cross. Congrats!

Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood

Warlord Fremoc Bloodfyre Pepoi, 2012-12-20 17:33:26 UTC