Emerald Dagger events for Adept Dracaryis

Emerald Dagger events
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Emerald Dagger
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Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
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The position of Fist is an unenviable one as it requires a excellent attention to detail and an ear on the pulse of our gaming community, and the ability to respond to changing in gaming. Over the last year, Drac has achieved more with his office than most Dark Councillors have or ever will. To say that he keeps his eyes and ears open when listening to the community is an understatement as he conducts regular polls and discussion on future supported games, keeps a close eye on game popularity and the very precise job of keeping the whole system balanced. In everything regarding our gaming community Drac endeavors to keep the balance to allow members the fun and recognition they deserve while keeping the system fair and open to all. Drac’s desire to run additional gaming competitions, offering members new opportunities for participation and competition, drove the development of our widely successful Bin system for Vendettas. His latest project, that of the new GMRG rules, has been a long time coming and has, so far, showed a positive trend in breaking up the long-standing gaming stereotypes related to the Leaderboard.

Drac has a very precise and organized manner in which he runs his office. All gaming competitions are planned well in advance (up to several months at least) and they are transparent and clearly voice to the members. He runs a well balanced portfolio of competitions and in the past year he has organize 34 competitions and co-organized 35. His efforts regarding the latest Rite of Supremacy have not gone unnoticed either, as his competitions drew plenty of participants. He is continually relaying information to the club, posting more than 25 news posts over the last year, and he contributes to the SA as well, grading more than 100 courses.

More than that, Drac is an excellent advisor to both of us. As a member of our Dark Council, Drac has been involved in every major decision we’ve made over the year. His patient and balanced approach to gaming is evident in his feedback towards all of our discussions and systems.

Considering his efforts to improve the Club, we congratulate Warlord Dracaryis for his Emerald Dagger.

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor and Deputy Grand Master Vyr

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2019-03-24 18:39:13 UTC