Steel Cross events for Reaver Kalan Amak

Steel Cross events
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Steel Cross
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Adept Selika Roh
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Over the six week run time of our recent Between Light and Dark feud with Clan Odan-Urr, Dracaryis Sunstrider once again established himself as one of the best members and leaders the Brotherhood has to offer. Even while serving two demanding masters (as much as we like to think that Plagueis could take precedent, when the United States Army is the other master demanding your time they win!) Dracaryis was an absolute force in our unit, leading from the front so to speak as a competitor in the event as well as the highest ranking leader down in the trenches.

On a personal level, he entered eight of the possible eleven events. In those events, he blew the doors off the place with the excellence of his entries: His first place entry in battleplan (on a team he co-captained with Tra’an Reith) was a masterpiece, a second place entry in week one fiction may have left him confused at winning fiction but happy none the less, and his multimedia wowed the judges on the way to third place. Those top three finishes earned him a crescent each of the diamond, ruby, and sapphire varieties. Outside of this crescent earning finishes he also took another pair of top ten placements, earning points with fourth place in week two gaming and sixth place in week one puzzle. His personal performance during the event was good enough to earn him an overall fifth place finish out of the fifty-eight participants in the feud as a whole.

While not as easy to quantify, his leadership efforts during the event were just as essential, if not moreso, than his individual contributions. To borrow a phrase, it takes a village to win a feud, but it takes an awfully good mayor to lead the village. Dracaryis was that major during the run of the feud. He wrangled his own battleplan and multimedia teams all while helping others form teams of their own to ensure nobody was left out that wanted a chance to compete. He provided help and guidance to the entire unit, many of them experiencing the high intensity of vendetta-style event for the very first time in their Brotherhood careers. Without him to pick up the slack when other members of the Plagueis leadership team were unavailable (as an example, I myself was nearly 100% out of contact for the final week of the competition while away coaching my debate team at nationals), there is no way we would have seen the success we did, and no way that Plagueis could have pulled out a victory.

Dracaryis is one of the finest people I’ve had the privilege to work with, demonstrating a skill for leadership and a competitive zeal not often found in the Brotherhood.

Adept Selika Roh, 2016-04-27 23:34:38 UTC