Ruby Scepter events for General Kenath Zoron Ad Vizsla

Ruby Scepter events
Event ID
Ruby Scepter
Non-site XP
0 XP
Requested by
Mandalorian Korvis Manda'vod
Primary reason

While the Medal XP system states Zoron has earned this medal through his site activity, I just wanted to add a small bit about Zoron. While his activity is known throughout the brotherhood. I would like to focus on the little things that he has done. Often overlooked are the normal things that make a member a blast to have in a clan. His presence on Discord and generally positive attitude are great to have around. In fact, it is kind of infectious. I don't ever remember him talking badly about other members. He has friends far and wide in this club and perhaps the best part is I have never heard anyone say anything negative about Zoron.

He worked tirelessly as my Proconsul and as stated in my recommendation for his elder promotion. Much of the groundwork he laid during that time is just now starting to produce the results we wanted in Clan Vizsla. I wanted this to be more than just clearing his medal XP because Zoron is more than just competition entries. Congrats on the Ruby Scepter Zoron!

Mandalorian Korvis Manda'vod, 2023-02-09 00:28:52 UTC