Sapphire Blade events for Colonel Kenath Zoron

Sapphire Blade events
Event ID
Sapphire Blade
Requested by
Grand Master Declan Roark
Primary reason

The Dark Brotherhood is a community of small teams made up of exceptional members. One of those exceptional members is Kenath Zoron. Since Zoron's return to the Dark Brotherhood he has been a consistent contributing member within our club. Zoron's demeanor, candor, and ability to communicate with old and new members makes him a unique and valuable member of the club.

Over the past nine months, Zoron has demonstrated his consistent activity in nearly ever facet of our club. He has organized two extremely popular puzzle competitions (because he got tired of winning every puzzle competition), he has participated in over 102 competitions (not a typo), he has written over 4200 words of fiction (he is a gamer, FYI), and he has taken 1 Shadow Academy Course. Zoron has also excelled in his endeavors and earned 2 x Gold Nova, 2 x Bronze Nova, 2 x CR Diamond Star, 30 CR Ruby Star, 18 CR Amethyst Star, 8 CR Sapphire Star, 1 CR Topaz Star, 5 x Pendants of Blood, 45 Clusters of Fire, 11 Clusters of Ice, 171 Clusters of Earth, 16 Clusters of Graphite, 1 Seal of Fury, and 25 Seals of Discord (NBD).

Beyond the statistics captured by our website, Zoron also brings intangibles that make our club a better place. He is a consistent contributor across various DJB Telegram Channels, he is a mentor to new members and a confident to older members, he is a gamer who is always willing to help others (Dauntless test), and he is one of those very rare members in our club who has a sterling reputation as a good person (we need more of that).

Zoron was also an invaluable contributor to the creation of Clan Vizsla. His contributions and edits to the Clan Vizsla proposals were tantamount in the Clan gaining approval from the Grand Master. Without him, Clan Vizsla would not exist. Not many members of the Club can say that.

I'm stoked to write the first recommendation (not the last) for a Sacramental award for KZ. Congrats on your Sapphire Blade. You earned it.

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2019-09-18 04:32:14 UTC