Amethyst Kukri events for Champion Rajhin Cindertail

Amethyst Kukri events
Event ID
Amethyst Kukri
Non-site XP
178 XP
Requested by
Lord Dacien Victae
Primary reason

Rajhin has been a busy tiger. Since April, he has updated the Rites of Combat, run successful vendetta gaming competitions, and updated our policy on unofficial DJB guilds in games. Beyond that, he has made it a point to be available for gaming with members on a regular basis and has ensured a steady stream of fun competitions catering to different interests. He has also been an eager contributor to DC discussions on topics beyond gaming, such as the upcoming XP system.

By the numbers: 23 competitions organized or co-organized; participated in 76 competitions and earned over 20 crescents; 594 CFs, 560 CEs, 10 CIs, and 9 CGs.

Congrats, Turel!

Lord Dacien Victae, 2023-01-13 22:49:34 UTC
Additional reasons

Rajhin has been great addition to the Dark Council and has continued to provide great contributions his entire time. Seeing him take his incredible vision he had for the office when he applied, and improving the gaming community has been great. All his contributions both in his office and to the DC have been worthy of reward. Congratulations.

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2023-01-13 16:54:50 UTC

Turel took over as Pcon of Odan-Urr at a time many things began to change. His experience and hard work helped build the Clan into what it is today. All while maintaining a constant presence and keeping the membership informed and engaged on all things happening. These changes included creating and implementing our two currently running Houses, the Consular Conclave and the Guardian Corps. From this, he contributed significantly to making a new Clan villain who took form in the Illuminance storyline. To prepare for the Dominion update, Turel was the brainchild of many of the possessions, then added and organized them to present a clear picture of what and where the Clan keeps its toys. His event “Odan-Urr: What if…?” ran for a month and put the members into a peculiar predicament, the possibility of being able to alter past events in Odan-Urr’s or their personal history. The event was a major success, seeing 19 contributors and 32 individual entries. In addition to the significant changes, Turel worked on the Scimitar of Lord Hoth competition and Life Day events, promoted activity for the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation, ran multiple community events and broadcast them using the new Discord “events” feature.

Thank you, Turel. We couldn’t have gotten any of that done without your help. Congratulations!

Revak K’Urr
Consul, Odan-Urr

High Councillor Revak K'Urr, 2023-01-13 00:16:15 UTC

While on my staff, Turel brought real world experience and an old hat at member advocation to bear. To say this was appreciated would be an understatement. There's a level of steady handedness that comes with it that helps calm everyone involved in a situation. Can't get enough of that. In fact, it is his presence that is his greatest quality and one I could keep droning on and on about. But that's not what I want to highlight. No, the best thing about Turel is that he never turns his brain off. Even when simply reviewing the Covenant while eyeballing a potential case, Turel felt an itch. The itch of "something's not right here". For Turel, that was the swath of gendered pronouns throughout our documents. Quite a simple little thought, but a much more expansive one when you realize just how often (in the hundreds) we reference gender in the Covenant. Having identified the problem, he pushed for the solution, and an amendment was put in. It goes without saying that the proposal was smooth sailing.

That's lasting change. The kind of influence Turel has on the systems around him. I think that's pretty well deserving of recognition.

Darth Renatus, 2023-01-10 19:50:27 UTC