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The Two Greatest DB Members

My title of this spot is as serious as I can get. I feel strongly about this statement:

Cyberguy and Jam3z are the two greatest DB members today.

I don't think I have to say anything more, but I will. CG and Jam3z have, for years now, toiled away during their free time, worked with me through thick and thin, pushed on and pushed on for the good of the DB. Now for those of you who have built websites as complex as what the DB site is, and what the DB site will be, you know that to do what CG and Jam3z are doing is not easy. There's a reason why programmers make lots of money. The time is valuable and the work is hard.

I feel like I don't get to praise these two enough, to thank them enough. I always send my emails thanking them for their assistance. I always tell them that they are awesome when they show me something new, but I have waited too long to reward them publicly once again. Their commitment to the DB deserves it.

To CG: I don't know where the Brotherhood would be today without your service. For a long, long time you have dealt with the website, helped to build a new one, and been gracious in dealing with the crap that comes from the members. I know what it's like to have to make adjustments because a person requests something and then changes the requirements. I know what it's like to have a boss that wants his hands in on a lot. It's not fun sometimes and it can be frustrating. The fact that you have stuck with us through the thick and the thin, dedicated your time to the betterment of our club, and sacrificed so much to make this place great shows that you are truly deserving of each praise that I can hand down to you. So, CG, for your continued service, above and beyond the call of duty, to the Brotherhood, I hereby award you a Silver Sash. Wear it with pride, knowing that you are one of the few that do.

To Jam3z: I can't imagine not having you to consult every time that I need something. Your ability to solve problems, to get things done quickly and to be understanding of those that request things of you is uncanny. Throughout the time that we have worked together you have always been patient and helpful. Your innovations are the best, your ideas are superb, and the DB is going to benefit greatly from the vision you have for the new website. And on top of it all, you have served as Consul through a lot of it, leading Arcona through a majority of the GJW and leading it to third place. I am truly amazed at your abilities, Jam3z, and I hope that you will always continue to use them for the good of this club. You are truly one of the greatest. For your continued service, and never-ending loyalty, I hereby elevate you to the rank of Dark Adept

Congratulations to you both....and thanks, so much. ~ GM Jac Cotelin

, 2004-12-16 23:00:00 UTC