Ruby Scepter events for Warlord Bentre Sadow

Ruby Scepter events
Event ID
Ruby Scepter
Requested by
Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Primary reason

Bentre has served as my Proconsul for the past 10 months. While doing so, he has served Naga Sadow well and more than earned this reward. Added to his time as Proconsul, Bentre has served as Rollmaster for 3 months, Professor for 24 days, Magistrate for 10 months and Wiki Staff member for over a year.

During all this time, Bentre has not been rewarded for his work. I've been sadly remiss in realising just how much work Bentre does. He's been punished by my negligence, which isn't fair for him. Instead of complaining about a lack of recognition, Bentre has shown his patience and wisdom, chosing to continue to serve excellently in all areas.

I'm going to go into a bit more detail about his work as Rollmaster and Proconsul to Naga Sadow, while others will give information on his work in the Shadow Academy and the Wiki staff.

While serving as my second in command in Naga Sadow, Bentre has learned on the front lines what it means to be a leader in the Brotherhood. He has led from the front on every occasion and in every event. He has encouraged others to participate, to own their storyline, to develop their characters and has also taken the time to be competitive and win most competitions that he enters.

Bentre is a paragon of a member within Naga Sadow and I'm glad that he's on my side, serving alongside me. He has been able to grow adroitly, managing issues, dealing with complicated arguments between members and being an excellent mediator. He has also given his opinions and input on the Clan storylines and helped me create the storyline for 2018. He has also been a fully active member during all of this.

Since his last recognition, Bentre has participated in 227 competitions. That's right, 227. Mav & Howie, you need to shout at me right now for not rewarding this guy. Hell, I should probably get fired for neglecting this bastion of awesomeness. Of those 227 competitions, Bentre has placed in 60 of them, earning 60 Crescents of varying levels, including 11 Diamonds and 7 Rubies, which are hard to earn. Added to that, Bentre has run 24 competitions, including helping me run a Clan event that saw 18 unique participants in his Sands of Time event, who put in 51 entries. His other competitions have had 81 entries across 18 competitions.

That's not all he's done. Bentre has also earned 329 Clusters of Fire, participating in 77 PVP matches, 345 Clusters of Earth, participating in 53 PVE activities and 96 Clusters of Ice from 43 fiction related activities, not to mention the 4 ACC matches he's finished.

Bentre has also earned 90 Clusters of Graphite, 2 Pendants of Blood, 2 Legions of Scholar, 24 Scrolls of Foundation for his work in the Shadow Academy and 1 Seal of Loyalty, for his dedication to the Club and Clan.

Bentre also competed in 27 out of 28 competitions in the recent GJW, competing in all possible events open to him, as he was unable to represent CNS in the Phase II ACC matches. Bentre was one of our few members to participate in all events and he came in second place in points earned for Naga Sadow. We owe much of our success in the last GJW to Bentre and it's great to reward him for his hard work.

But wait, there's more. Bentre has also completed 15 courses, earning 5 degrees and marked 94 courses for the Shadow Academy, not to mention all of the project work he has done for Farrin.

Bentre has also earned 2 Dark Side Scrolls for his work on the Wiki, where he is one of the longest running staff members assisting Slagar. Bentre is always available to help members complete or work on their Wiki pages, regardless of what Clan they're from.

Finally, Bentre has written over 30,000 words of fiction, for a mix of competitions and Clan canon fiction and has posted several reports in his remit as Proconsul.

I've served as Consul of Naga Sadow for a year now and I'm thankful that I've had Bentre there alongside me every step of the way. He truly is a good friend, a valuable ally and a great asset to this Clan and to me. I've made many mistakes during my time as Consul, but Bentre has been there to pick me up, to help me gain my step and refocus me. He has learned from me also and despite not being the most confident person in his abilities, is more than ready to replace me as Consul and serve the members of Naga Sadow.

His opinions are valuable, his efforts are divine and his hard work, dedication and drive has seen him reach Equite 3, Proconsul and stands on the precipice as one of the best members Naga Sadow has seen in many years. I would be lost without him and my lack of rewarding Bentre has made me feel like a failure. I'm sorry for this, Bentre.

I am thankful for every day that you've given me, our Clan and this club. Please continue to be the best that you can be and congratulations on your reward.


Consul of Naga Sadow

Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, 2018-02-19 15:57:04 UTC
Additional reasons

I am more than happy to be able to add my voice to those clamoring for Bentre to be rewarded. While many of the other voices here will elaborate on the hard details, the numbers and other frankly impressive statistics, I wanted to touch on something a bit more nebulous. In my experience, he has shown that he not only grows with every interaction and event, but that he genuinely cares for the members in his clan. His continued support of those individuals, and his willingness to be there for them helps build the rapport between members in a visceral and meaningful way that will help keep new members engaged in the club itself. It is that attitude, that friendship that is important to a great many members, myself included. Thank you, Bentre. --Muz Ashen Keibatsu, the Lion of Tarthos

Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, 2018-02-19 01:16:38 UTC

I would like to take the time to recommend Bentre for commendation to you. I’m going to let others discuss his statistics. Instead I would like to discuss his can-do attitude. I’ve had the pleasure of writing with him more than once. Bentre is a level-headed, enthusiastic, and competent leader. I find him to genuinely care about those under his leadership, to be an approachable and effective leader, and to be active in leading from the front in competitions. Bentre deserves commendation. -Adept Macron Sadow, Consul Emeritus

Adept Macron Goura Sadow, 2018-02-18 23:52:25 UTC

Without going into the nitty gritty details of what Benny has done in terms of activity, I think it's important to talk about Benny as a member of the Brotherhood.

An essential part to any team is steadfast leadership, and that we have in spades when it comes to Benny. As second-in-command for the Clan, Benny perfectly fills his role of being a Summit member, but also having an air of still feeling like part of the membership. With this unique combination of authority and comraderie, Benny has lead the charge in nearly all of CNS' goings on.

In my role as Quaestor, Benny has been an essential part of my leadership toolkit. He had been constantly available for questions and feedback and has provided a solid foundation upon which for me to build my own path as a leader. This last half year as Quaestor would have been a slog without Benny, I am certain of that. And I confidently speak for my Aedile and Battleteam Leader in saying this is true for them as well.

Sacramental awards are both just for merit, but for the legacy built by the member in question. Benny is a legend in CNS, without question, and I can think of no better person to receive this award.

Ranger Aul Celsus, 2018-02-18 21:27:47 UTC

Bentre has served as a Magistrate to the Headmaster for nine months - since May of last year - and in that time has proved himself to be an invaluable part of our staff. He helped in editing and updating our Leadership courses to make them more user-friendly and relevant to the DB, he proofread and edited the latest batch of History courses that the Shadow Academy put out, and he stepped in when necessary to grade 87 courses (that's much more than almost all of the actual Professors and Docents grade in the same span of time). The biggest and most influential thing that Bentre did as M:HM, though, was utilizing his Wiki expertise to address numerous issues the SA had on the DB Wiki. On that regard he created, altered, moved, or otherwise updated over thirty articles pertaining to the SA or related topics. This was the single-largest revision the SA articles have seen on the Wiki since at least my tenure began as Headmaster and likely long before that. They were severely outdated and certainly not useful, and Bentre corrected that oversight.

For all of these reasons as well as his continued excellent service to the Shadow Academy, I'm happy to join in on recommending him for this sacramental award. He has clearly earned it. Congrats, Benny!

Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae, 2018-02-18 21:27:17 UTC

Since his last promotion in January of 2017, Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes has proven himself again and again to be the most irreplaceable member of my staff on the DJB Wiki. He has been a tireless staffer on both larger project work as well as the oft overlooked article patrolling. The latter task, thankless and often invisible, is what makes sure the Wiki doesn't descend into a mass of confusing, twisted, un-categorized chaos as more and more edits introduce ever increasing amounts of entropy into the system. At least one or more times a week Ben makes his rounds through all the newly made edits, adjusting pages and making minor fixes wherever he finds the need. Additionally, as one of my longest tenured and most experienced staffers, Ben has taken a front seat in training new staff members that have come on board during his tenure, specifically Tasha'Vel Versea who came to the staff with little direct experience but plenty of eagerness to learn. Ben has allowed the rest of the staff to benefit from his experience at all times.

On the project front, Bentre served as the sole or lead member on various tasks. The audit of all ship articles on the wiki, both personal and Clan-owned, cleaning up the past military possessions of all Clans under the pre-possessions system, the arduous task of adding wiki linking the new DJB Covenant, and an audit/clean up of the massive "Under Construction" category to remove pages that were no longer under active editing and were instead outdated and merely incomplete are some of the major, higher profile projects he spearheaded.

Between his project tasks, patrolling edits, and clan work he has made 742 individual edits on the wiki from article clean ups to adding a missing category. He is one of the most dedicated wiki staffers I have seen in my tenure as Tribune, or even in the years I previously spent as a staffer myself. It is my deep honor to add my recommendation to those of his Clan mates for this award. It is most well deserved, and it comes with my grateful thanks for a job well done.

Adept Selika Roh, 2018-02-18 21:26:37 UTC
Event ID
Ruby Scepter
Requested by
Master Evant Taelyan
Primary reason

Bentre Kairn’tel Sadow has spent the past year in dual roles, as both the Wiki Tribune and Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. In these roles he has worked on projects supporting the entire brotherhood as well as the direct experience of members within his Clan. While participating in 131 competitions and leading from the front as a role model the entire time. As one of our Consuls, Bentre is consistently involved in major club-wide decisions. He is calm and collected and is always quick to provide us valuable feedback on his Clan.

As wiki tribune, he has kept the wiki up to date with CS and possessions related changes from the Voice and Regent offices, while updating navigation and other support to the vital wiki tool that is important for the storytelling the DJB community does having only 500 edits himself just this year.

As Consul of Naga Sadow, he ran Operation Antiquity along with Plagueis creating a great experience for members of his Clan along with another. Organizing or co-organizing 17 different competitions, as well as providing leadership and guidance during the last Great Jedi War where Clan Naga Sadow become Second Clan in a close finish and conclusion.

For all his contributions to the DJB over the past year in his leadership roles and as a member, I recommend a Ruby Scepter for Bentre. Congratulations.

Master Evant Taelyan, 2019-09-23 03:41:50 UTC