Amethyst Kukri events for Warlord Bentre Sadow

Amethyst Kukri events
Event ID
Amethyst Kukri
Requested by
Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Primary reason

Bentre has been the Consul of Naga Sadow as well as the Wiki Tribune for eleven months now. Participating as a member, creating opportunities for members and managing the wiki which is a powerful and well used tool by our community.

While Consul, he participated in over 100 competitions, wrote thousands of words of fiction, while leading the Clan. He ran a 19 event major competition to drive the Clan’s fictional story forward at the start of this year. Followed by preparing his Clan for the Great Jedi War that just concluded. He maintained the fictional direction of the Clan and provided great communication to members while maintaining all the leadership positions on his Clan’s summit. Most recently he managed his Clan through Great Jedi War XIV Homefront and helped all his members make the most of the event.

For all his great leadership of Clan Naga Sadow, and his service to the Brotherhood as the Wiki Tribune. I recommend for Bentre an Amethyst Kukri. Congratulations!

Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2020-08-27 19:40:36 UTC