Emerald Dagger events for Headmistress Alethia Archenksova

Emerald Dagger events
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Emerald Dagger
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Lord Dacien Victae
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Arch has held many positions in the club during his career, and about a year ago he became one of the few to serve in a brand new leadership roll. As the Brotherhood's first Exarch, focused on developing and supporting our newly supported RP activity, Arch has spent the last several months building awareness of RP across the club and working with James and a small team of testers to shape the contours of the system and develop our extremely cool RP bot features. Long story short, RP has quickly become one of the club's primary activities and I doubt we'd be where we are without Arch's persistence of vision.

The numbers are impressive. Since we started tracking RP activity last year, 92 unique participants have written more than 1,096,824 words. As I write this, three clans are running post-GJW clan-focused sessions, along with a couple of club-wide sessions, and even a DC session. Now, obviously Arch is not personally responsible for every participant and word, but his work has made this possible.

Congratulations, Arch!

Lord Dacien Victae, 2022-08-08 12:46:42 UTC
Additional reasons

I can't say enough about how incredible Arch's work has been on the RP system. Nothing in the DJB goes smoothly, even the simplest of asks is met with a wide range of opinions that can frustrate and derail many things. However, his ability as a leader to see the big picture, put members first, and guide everything he does without loosing sight of that vision is incredible to work alongside. I don't know what RP will look like a few years from now as it continues to grow within the community, but I know that it has its best chance as long as its got Arch at the helm guiding it. Congratulations.

Master Aramis Taelyan, 2022-08-05 21:07:25 UTC

The feathered one has stepped up to handle quite the mountain of work: Find a way to get RPs functional and sustainable in this club. Be it dealing with a CS system designed to avoid things like dice roles, overseeing our completely new platform on Discord, or even dealing with the million ways one could run an RP session (dice or no dice, DM or no DM), Arch has taken it all in stride.

While it has been a hard fight to get some of our more stubborn members to recognize the value of the RP system, Arch has never let it get in the way of trying to provide a kick-ass member experience. He is always quick to answer questions and to help members set up sessions. He has helped solidify the RP system as a fun way for members to interact in character in ways they never have before. Its even gotten several of us on the DC into it which is no small feat.

The path to the endgame RP systems is long, and yes there is still a lot of work ahead of him, but I know Arch will carry it across the finish line and in the process give us a lasting activity to better the club.

Congrats Arch and thank you for your continued efforts!

Lord Idris Adenn, 2022-08-02 18:10:38 UTC

How is Arch not in therapy? Even with doing Right Hand of Justice, Left Hand of Justice, Magistrate to the Regent, Exarch, holding tight to a third spot in the Scimitar of Lord Hoth leaderboard and taking home a Crescent in every competition he submits, Arch still checks in to see if Odan-Urr needs his assistance and is willing to apply for any Clan position available. This guy is a special breed, and without him it would take a dozen members to fill his shoes. His Exarch work alone is a big undertaking but has added so much to the Club and has provided a way for us to pull in and retain new members with the shiny new roleplay system. It’s been a huge success and as it evolves, so will the DB.

Since his last recognition, he has participated in 129 competitions, earning himself 8 Crescents with Diamond Stars, 33 Crescents with Ruby Stars, 36 Crescents with Amethyst Stars, 17 Crescents with Sapphire Stars, 6 Crescents with Emerald Stars, and 5 Crescents with Topaz Stars. For his fiction activities, he’s earned 35 Clusters of Ice for 14,529 words of fiction. His gaming efforts earned him 7 Clusters of Fire and 1 Cluster of Earth. For his graphics activities, he’s earned 46 Clusters of Graphite. Additionally, he’s earned 1 Seal of Loyalty, passed 4 courses and earned 3 degrees in the Shadow Academy.

During GJW XV, Arch took home the most points with full bin participation, 2 Gold Nova, 1 Silver Nova and 13 Seals of Ascension.

Thank you Arch for everything you do for the Clan, the Club and for each and every member. We cannot thank you enough!

Revak K’Urr Consul, Odan-Urr

Grand Inquisitor Lizuni Heraga, 2022-08-03 16:38:32 UTC

Arch has gone right into the deep-end (maybe unknowingly, who knows) on the concept of "One Brotherhood", something The Council has been pushing for since before our community's move to Discord. He has opened staff positions specifically not for just project work (because that will always be a thing with anything new in the works), but for community reps and members who are willing not just to run things for their own clan but for other clans and multiple clans in an attempt to strengthen the roleplaying community and more importantly - get more people involved in this exciting and fun activity. This move towards staffers being more "community managers" and game masters is something that I wholly support, and look forward to seeing where it goes.

Mr Birb takes all criticism in stride, whether positive or negative, working hard in his role to try and produce something that the Grand Master is going to approve at the end of the day, but is still the best version of the product for the most members possible. Any type of roleplay - diceless, "guided sessions" under a game master, freeform, and dice-using sessions - are all welcome and encouraged, basically whatever way you'd like to roleplay, maximizing the flexibility for every member.

The Exarch has in his time in the job: formulated various guides for the membership, written and posted pretty frequent reports as far as Tribunes go to keep the membership updated on the progress, and is consistently working on new proposals for the roleplaying community as a whole and the idea of a "roleplaying society" regardless of whatever pushback he may receive. Tqhe man spends a lot of time reviewing roleplay logs for Cluster of Ice awarding, and is always around to help anyone in whatever they may need when it comes to our Discord's roleplay section. He continues to astound me with his dedication to The Brotherhood as a whole.

Although I only just recently hired Arch (after encouraging him to apply, which he was ironically reluctant to do) he's already hit the ground running while making time for Exarch things. The birb since joining the staff has already contributed almost ten proposed item prototypes to our next booster release, combing through both Dr. Aphra and High Republic content to propose new items and expand our offerings beyond just those for dark side-aligned members as the Regent Staff moves to be more inclusive for characters from all walks of life.

In addition, I specifically brought Arch on for his expertise as a former Combat Master (and to make things a little easier on both of us when and if there are eventually proposed freebies on the possessions side for roleplaying), and he's working alongside myself on a new proposal to make better use of a very specific loadout slot that we both feel is criminally underutilized.

With all of this in mind, and knowing that one award won't stop Arch from doing Arch things, I'm estatic to be a part of this recommendation. Congrats on the stabbity man, and thanks for all the hard work you do for this community.

General Zxyl Bes'uliik, 2022-08-05 13:37:59 UTC