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Amethyst Kukri events
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Amethyst Kukri
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Telaris "Mav" Cantor
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Over the last 11 months, Vez Hirundo - aka Arch - has been an enormously active member and an impactful leader and advisor. He served five months as Combat Master earlier in that timespan, and has remained active and a source of advice for both his summit and for myself since then. His personal activity has been incredible - more than 90 competition entries, four Novae, and more than 40 Crescents! As Arch's Clan Summit describes below, beyond just his personal activity, Arch's contributions to his Clan have been significant and made Odan-Urr a better place. As their words do his efforts more justice than mine could there, I will leave that to them, but will touch instead on Arch’s time as Combat Master.

Arch’s contributions to the club as a whole were on display during his five months as Combat Master. In addition to the typical tasks of managing a staff, which Arch did extremely well, he also organized the first major ACC event since the previous Great Jedi War, the 2019 ACC Championship Bracket. The Bracket was a huge success, with more than 30 member participants. Arch worked hard to bring the ACC to more members, regularly highlighting excellent member matches and to work towards building a better ACC Community. He poured over the Wiki and made numerous corrections to documentation, Force powers, and Skills. He was always present in discussions and while we didn’t always agree, I could always count on him to give me a straight opinion with plenty of data and logic behind it. In short, Arch was a great Combat Master.

For his efforts leading the ACC and for his incredible activity in Odan-Urr, I am pleased to award Arch this Amethyst Kukri. Congratulations, Arch!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Telaris "Mav" Cantor, 2020-09-03 02:37:50 UTC
Additional reasons

I had thought a while about what to write in this recommendation. I had considered long-worded praises for Arch, or a heart-felt thank-you-note from myself and the Odan-urr Summit. To be honest, I couldn't make either of those perfect the way I wanted to so opted for a simpler recc, more concise and to the point where showing what Arch has done so far simply spoke for itself. So let’s begin.

In the recent Great Jedi war Arch has shown what it means to be a former Consul, Combat Master and current titleholder of Odan-Urr and what it looks like when one of his pedigree steps up and cleans house. A Gold Nova, a Bronze nova, two Silver Novae and 13 Seals of Vision demonstrate his willingness to work for the Clan, but also for himself and his own enjoyment. The great jedi war isn’t the only arena he has excelled in, though. Overall he has participated in 86 competitions, earned 41 Crescents, 56 Clusters, 4 Scrolls of Foundation, 2 Legions of the Scholar and 1 valuable Scroll of the Master.

Apart from competitions, he has also written 5822 words of fiction, judged 2 ACC battles and participated in 1, passed 6 SA courses, gained 1 SA Degree, and coded a wiki page for the Clan: He is a guiding hand for new members, active in Clan chat and often engages in assisting the Summit with educating members or helping them around the DB. I've personally benefited from his guidance and advice in several writing competitions in the Great Jedi War that saw me win Novae and helped me become a better writer.

Arch is an invaluable member, titleholder, leader and above all a good friend to almost everyone he interacts with. For his contributions I am proud to recommend this award. Congratulations!

Vyr Vorsa
Proconsul, Odan-Urr

Boss Morgan B. Sorenn, 2020-09-03 02:34:15 UTC

Vez Hirundo, or “Arch” as many of us know him, has always been a great friend to Odan-Urr. Vyr covered many of the reasons why that is the case, but I’d like to focus on a few ways he has done so that often fly under the radar. First and foremost, he has been a shining example of what it means to be an active member of this club. His activity is a role model to his fellow Odanites. Many times leaders forget to be that role model when they step down from a position. As I once told a new recruit, competitions are part of the life blood of this club and every rank should be doing them. Arch is very much a shining example of someone who has accomplished this feat. Second, he has been a wonderful mentor, always willing to lend advice without ego getting in the way. I can’t tell you in words how much I appreciate that. You know how much that means to me though. Third, he has attended many Odan-Urr community events, both for roleplay and gaming. He put aside time and energy to hang out with the Clan on weekends, being there as an active presence. This is the perfect example of why Arch is so awesome. He is there for the little things, like weekend hangouts. Odan-Urr isn’t just a label we slapped on him, but something he tends to much like his gardens. I respect that so much.

For everything my peers have covered and my own additions, congratulations on your new Amethyst Kukri! Well done, my friend.

Aura Ta’var
Consul, Odan-Urr

Aurora "Aura" Ta'var, 2020-09-03 02:36:43 UTC

Vez Hirundo is someone who so clearly loves the Brotherhood and what we’re about that it shows whenever you interact with him. Vez has been a big help pushing the Battle Team story forward, as well as the Clan story, to say nothing of his contributions to the recent War. Vez is also an active member of other Brotherhood-wide societies, both judging ACC matches and grading SA courses, and actively working on the Wiki, Vez is making sure all the club can see how Odan-Urr members stand up in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. His service in the Shadow Academy in particular has been recognized with several Scrolls of Foundation and Master, and a Legion of the Scholar.

Vez Hirundo has stood out as one of our finest in recent times, and for this reason we the Summit support this award.

Jon Silvon
Battleteam Leader, Odan-Urr

Major Jon Silvon, 2020-09-03 02:37:46 UTC