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Qyreia is an outstanding and competitive member of Arcona, one who's always at the forefront of the fight. He continued to show this after dominating the Rite of Supremacy and leading House Galeres to a recent victory in an internal event!

Since his promotion, Q has organized 10 competitions and participated in 73. These included 9 PvP, 24 PvE events, earning him 112 Clusters of Fire, 183 Clusters of Earth, and 5 Pendants of Blood.

Not all of his activity was of the gaming variety, he also managed 1 ACC battle, 18 Fiction activities, and 2 Run-On posts, earning him a total of 65 Clusters of Ice. Qyreia also pulled 17 Clusters of Graphite for art activities as well as passing 3 Shadow Academy Courses.

With 11 months as Quaestor with 8 News Posts as primary, and helping his Aedile write the remainder, he has shown to be teaching and encouraging his subordinates. In this time he did run several House-focused competitions in an effort to get a house identity re-established as well as attempted to get the Clan more aligned with the Club-wide Collective story arc.

Atop all these accomplishments, he also earned 2 Gold Novae, Silver Nova, Bronze Nova as well as 34 Crescents (including 2 Diamond, 6 Ruby, 7 Amethyst, 11 Sapphire, and 8 Emerald stars). A nice chest of medals if there was ever one, and one deserving a crowning achievement of his first ever Grand Cross! Congratulations, Qybbles!

Kordath Bleu
Arcona, Consul

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2019-04-12 04:15:25 UTC