Character Snapshot (Reaver Qyreia Arronen)

Character Snapshot for Qyreia Arronen (03/19/2020, Tenixir Prison RO)

Reaver Qyreia Arronen

Equite, Clan Arcona
Female Zeltron, Mercenary, Weapons Specialist
Height: 1.7 m / 5'7" - Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lbs
Age: 30 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Qyreia, with her cinnabar-red skin, displays an athletic figure, toned enough to show some muscle definition, but not so much as to interfere with the natural (and stereotypical) beauty of the Zeltron. Her dark, cobalt-tinged hair, in the process of being grown out, resembles a messy bob style of haircut, somewhat shorter around the back and longer in the sides and bangs. Her eye color is a dull gray which darkens and fades into a steel-blue and darker around her pupils. She has only one distinct marking: the tattoo of the Black Guard, located on her inner right forearm.

Loadout: The Red Qek (Snapshot)
Colorful Linguist (General Aspect)

Qyreia has learned through her travels how to talk to people, be it in a formal environment or in a dive bar. In so doing, she has also learned how to use profanity like a painter uses a brush: quite a great deal. What languages she may have learned along the way have only increased her capacity for diplomatic or dirty vocabulary as needed, and her voyages to various planets and ports has earned her quite the terminology list: frack, schutta, kriff, druk, and pocket rocket just to name a few. While this means that she can blend in or aggravate someone during a fight, she also slips sometimes at the wrong times, creating a social faux pas. In short, she's a dirty-minded and foul-mouthed person.

There’s An Easy Way? (General Aspect)

Qyreia Arronen somehow always finds herself in tricky situations that put her in over her head. As such, Qyreia Arronen always seems to be digging herself out of some kind of dilemma. While this speaks to Qyreia Arronen’s ability to think outside the box to find solutions, her moral code often gets in the way of taking the easy way out.

I got my sassy-pants on! (Personality Aspect)

While Qyreia never outright seeks confrontation, she does not often shy away from it when presented, especially when she thinks she can win. Because of this, not only can she be cocky, she has no problems with speaking her mind, being sarcastic, and on rare occasions a downright jerk. In short, she is a sass-machine when the situation calls for it. While this can be amusing for some, it can sometimes cause problems where normal diplomacy would have worked better. Likewise, this wittiness sometimes turns back on herself, her inner monologue making her morose or pitiful compared to her usual cocksure attitude.

I'm Just A Merc (Personality Aspect)

Qyreia's time in the Brotherhood has taken some of the light from her soul with its constant and senseless fighting, to say nothing of the darker things she's witnessed. Because of this, she holds little loyalty to the spectrum of Clans, Houses, or the Brotherhood as a whole, instead finding persons within that she fights and cares for. As such though, she can become very agitated if presented with an apparent injustice, be it against herself or others. Knowing how tenuous her position is then, and how little regard most have for people of her profession, she will never start or escalate a fight without a definitive purpose in her mind.

The Red Qek (Combat Aspect)

Brutal experience has made Qyreia a pragmatic fighter, knowing when to engage and when to beat a retreat. When she does choose to fight, she comes in knowing that no one will take it easy on her, so there is no reason to pull any punches of her own, including the occasional iconic kick to the gonads. This can earn her some less-than-amiable returns from opponents who otherwise wouldn't have truly tried to hurt her (badly).

If someone under her care is threatened or her own life is in imminent danger however, her mood shifts completely: pleasantries cease, her expression becomes grim, and her Resolve hardens any semblance of defeatism. In assuming this stance, Qyreia can lose sight of mercy, contrary to her norm, finding greater value in sending a message to her enemies, or simply sending them to hell with the name of the Red Qek in their ear.

This Is My Blaster (Combat Aspect)

Qyreia has an assortment of weapons, but she relies on her skills with a Blaster most of all. When at all possible, she will engage her enemies from afar and in a position of cover and concealment with her rifle. If her opponent comes in close, she is well versed in how to use the weapon like a club, and how to keep it from getting sliced in half in the process. Her pistol acts as a backup firearm, and her knife is at most a survival tool and weapon of stealth or last resort. Unfortunately, this can put her at a disadvantage when facing a particularly skilled Force user who can deflect the shots, or another gunslinger with equal or greater skill.

Skill Feats
I Bet You Have Droid Whisperer This Is Where We Fight! Order Feat: Mercenary Medley II Elusive Prey Parkour! Down Scope Proficiency II Alternate Wielding Pistol-cuffs
Force Feats
General Feats
Zeltron: Sun's Getting Real Low Steel Curtain Disarming Smile Zeltron: Turn Down For What?
  • Basic
  • Binary
  • Shyriiwook
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization Blasters
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)
Secondary Weapon Specialization Bladed
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)