Character Snapshot (Colonel Len Iode)

Character Snapshot for Len Iode (11/15/2017, Great Jedi War XII Run-On Snap Shot 1)

Commander Len Iode

Equite, Clan Odan-Urr
Male Chiss, Loyalist, Weapons Specialist, Sentinel Adherent
Height: 1.89 m / 6'2" - Weight: 113.4 kg / 250 lbs
Age: 30 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

He is portly, but don’t let the size confuse you, he is strong. His black hair is in a "high and tight" military cut, but when it grows out you can tell it's thinning from front to back. His facial hair is never more than stubble protruding from his strong chin. His red non-human eyes are mirror images of each other. His smile, when he does show it, is genuinely happy and lights up his determined, slightly round face. His nose is small and supports specs that seem to slide down at the most in opportune times.

Loadout: Assault (Snapshot)
Curiosity Killed the Chiss (General Aspect)

Len has an almost insatiable desire to learn and pass that knowledge on to others. Whenever he is not in a briefing or on the battlefield, Len is reading or watching holos to learn something new. However, this habit sometimes makes it appear he is easily distracted or not paying attention.

Strategist (General Aspect)

Through a combination of preparing, studying, and analyzing, Len Iode creates detailed battle plans and tries to think two steps ahead of the enemy. At times, however, this can lead to Len Iode creating complicated schemes that can baffle less intelligent subordinates.

I Am Selfless (Personality Aspect)

The Jedi are selfless, caring only about others. Len Iode is compassionate, brave and always strives to represent the common good. He tries to help everyone he can, even at his own expense, and is a fine role model for others to follow.

We At The SenNet Do Not Have A Sense Of Humor We're Aware Of (Personality Aspect)

Len has a great sense of humor, especially for a Chiss and enjoys a good joke. Occasionally he will participate in some. However due to his discipline and training, he more often than not suppresses those feelings unless around those he trusts or if he can't stifle the giggle quick enough.

Dirty Fighter (Combat Aspect)

When it comes to a fight, some like to posture, some like to act tough, some like to dance around and go through all sorts of fancy footwork. Len Iode? Len Iode doesn't bother with exotic battle stances, intricate maneuvers, or super-secret tactics. Len Iode, when cornered into a fight, prefers the ancient technique of a good kick to the nuts. And if that won't work, either because the enemy is a woman or has balls of steel, Len Iode isn't beyond pulling a few more cheap tricks out of the bag. Granted, Len Iode won't be winning any medals for nobility or any prestige for a unique fighting style or a superb maneuver, but Len Iode will still be winning, the best and most dirty way he knows how.

Tactical Realist (Combat Aspect)

Len Iode will try not to go into any situation head-on. Even in the thick of combat, he is constantly making adjustments to his tactics to get the drop on the enemy. However, when the situation demands or the enemy forces his hand, he will attack the enemy directly.

Skill Feats
I See What You Did There This Is Where We Fight! Ambidexterity II I've Got A Bad Feeling About This Go Ahead, Make My Day Down Scope Trick Shots Eagle Eye
Force Feats
Granted Feats
Chiss: Sore Thumbs Chiss: Wise Beyond Years Order Feat: Loyalist Medley II Proficiency II
  • Basic
  • Cheunh
  • Shyriiwook
  • History of Galactic Warfare
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Imperial Martial Arts System
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization Blasters
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)
Secondary Weapon Specialization Bladed
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)