Grand Cross events for Warlord Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae

Grand Cross events
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Grand Cross
Requested by
Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
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It seemed like it hasn't been long enough since I last wrote a merit medal for Tahiri - that is, until I checked her activity over the past four months. In the short time since her Steel Cross in February, she's submitted complete entries to 55 competitions. This includes 6 entries to the clan’s Mysteries of Aliso event, in which she placed first and second in the two puzzles. She was also one of the members representing the clan at this year’s May the 4th Celebration, participating in 6 competitions. Aside from those, her spread of activity includes participation in many of the of the club’s long-running competitive activities, including a number of the Fist’s regular gaming competitions/leagues, MAA puzzles, Andrelious’ Sporcle Series, the Summer Puzzle Series, and Arcona’s Valentine’s Day event. Her victories have earned her 15 total Crescents, including 2 with Ruby Stars, 8 with Amethyst Stars, 4 with Sapphire Stars, and 1 with a Topaz Star. The activity she’s performed in this time has also earned her 29 Clusters of Fire over 8 PVP matches, 12 Clusters of Ice from a well-written ACC battle and 6 activities adding another 1,128 words; and 9 Clusters of Graphite from graphics competitions.

Not only an active and regular competitor, Tahiri has completed 4 Shadow Academy courses, including Leadership Competitions and Chamber of Justice 101, both of which are valuable to an individual aiming to provide for the DB rather than remain as a participant. Adding to her leadership qualities is the fact that she has been serving on the Justicar’s Appeals Panel for most of the time since her last recognition four months ago. She is one of our regular members on Telegram, always helping to make our new members feel welcome and answer questions that pop up. She comments on reports, rallies hype for clan events, contributes to daily conversation, and has been nothing but a great member of Clan Plagueis and the Brotherhood for as long as she’s been in my unit. It’s always heartening for me as a leader to see members like Tahiri staying helpful and active in this club. I’m glad to write these recommendations for her, even if they pop up surprisingly often. With this club’s value on both hard metrics and soft qualities, it’s a no-brainer that a member who exemplifies those values like Tahiri should be awarded a Grand Cross for her efforts.

Tahiri, we hope to continue seeing you flourish and grow as a member in House Karness Muur and Clan Plagueis. Thank you for your performance, and enjoy this token of the summit’s appreciation.

  • Recommendation written by Furios Morega, Quaestor of House Karness Muur
  • Award Request approved by the Clan Summit.

Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen, 2018-06-15 01:15:52 UTC