Steel Cross events for Savant Leeadra Halcyon

Steel Cross events
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Steel Cross
Requested by
Battlelord Lucine Vasano
Primary reason

Leeadra is a wonderful asset to Arcona and a great leader. I would really love to clone her. If I had four or five members like her running around, I would be a happy person.

Since her last recognition, Lee has co-organized 1 competition and participated in 42 competitions. Her participation has earned her 163 Clusters of Earth, 15 Clusters of Fire, 4 Clusters of Graphite and 2 Clusters of Ice. She also passed 2 SA courses, obtaining a Dark Maven in Leadership in the process.

But it’s not just her activity that is exemplary. Lee truly shines as Battleteam Leader of Voidbreaker, a role she has maintained for about a year. She constantly works to encourage and inspire her members, including taking point on our House roleplaying sessions. Her enthusiasm and hard work has ensured the success of the battleteam as a whole. She is universally held in high esteem, not just by her team but by everyone she interacts with. She never fails to present a friendly persona, coupled with a wicked sense of humor.

Alas, I cannot clone her. But I can at least award her. As such, it is my pleasure to recommend that Leeadra receive a Steel Cross. Congratulations, Smol!

Battlelord Lucine Vasano, 2019-04-12 19:39:05 UTC