Grand Cross events for Adept Tali Sroka

Grand Cross events
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Grand Cross
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General Stres'tron'garmis
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Tali Sroka continues to prove himself one of our most active and dedicated members. Since his last recognition, our Lek-friend has organized 1 competition and participated in 43! He has earned himself 3 Silver Novae, 1 Crescent with Diamond Star, 1 Crescent with Ruby Star, 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star, and 1 Crescent with Emerald Star! Tali has played 1 PVP match, completed 1 SA Course, and has written almost 40,000 words of fiction! His efforts have earned him 1 Cluster of Fire, 79 Clusters of Ice, and 27 Clusters of Graphite.

Tali is one of Qel-Droma's most active voices on Telegram. Spanning multiple Clan and Brotherhood channels, Tali can be seen interacting with all members of the DJB and showing our Clan in a great light. His attitude when dealing with others and his willingness to offer his opinion and his assistance very welcomed behavior that we expect from a respectable member of our Clan and House.

In the recent Rite of Supremacy Tali came out in force, showing himself to be one of the Clan’s most dependable members. He earned 23 Seals of Fury for his efforts in the Vendetta. We are very proud of everything Tali has done and are more than happy to award him a Grand Cross! Congratulations Tali!

Rhylance, Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

General Stres'tron'garmis, 2018-12-15 20:42:51 UTC