Character Snapshot (Quaestrix Tali Sroka)

Character Snapshot for Tali Sroka (2020/06/02, GJW XIV)

Seer Tali Sroka

Equite, Clan Arcona
Female Twi'lek, Force Disciple, Arcanist
Height: 1.82 m / 6'0" - Weight: 66.0 kg / 146 lbs
Age: 32 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

A purple-hued twi'lek woman with golden yellow eyes, her build is lean and her lekku reaching the small of her back though barely thicker than her arm. The left lek is slightly shorter than the right, the tip covered by a silver cup much like an oversized thimble. She is comparatively tall and though she carries herself in a relatively unassuming manner, there are hints of a show dancer's gait in the way she moves.

Loadout: Tali Battle (Snapshot)
Echoes of Her Past (General Aspect)

Despite no longer being a slave and despising any memories she has to her past, some habits are hard to shake. Almost instinctively, Tali takes care of her appearance and maintains the small tricks and traits required of a 'hired socialite'. She is aware of current trends in fashion and dance and maintains a svelte appearance that is pleasing to the eye.

Dashed Dreams (General Aspect)

Falling from the precipice of success can be painful for anyone, when your dreams are high and ambition great. When your dreams are humble, the fall is even more painful. The loss of a child is never easy and the scars left by an unborn's passing will never fully heal. Tali is emotionally unstable and prone to fits of despair or violence, when events or actions tug at her fresh loss.

Once a slave, never again (Personality Aspect)

Tali was sold into slavery at a young age and freed herself only during her young adulthood. She has seen the worst of it and knows what it means to be treated like literal meat. Though she struggles with the aftermath of her experiences, she will never allow herself to fall into that same situation again. Any attempts to restrain and especially collar her will be met with bitter resistance and she will attempt an escape, no matter how desperate, instead of allowing herself to be captured.

All Work, No Play (Personality Aspect)

Tali Sroka considers her work to be the most important aspect of her life. This borderline obsessions with the "job" leaves little room for any kind of personal or social life, making it difficult for Tali Sroka to relax and enjoy spending time with others. she excels in activities that relate to their work, but the idea of work-life balance is an altogether abstract concept.

Bothans Do It From Behind (Combat Aspect)

Tali Sroka will never go into any situation head-on. Whether it be combat or just strolling down the street, she will stick to the shadows or cloak themselves in the Force. The less they are seen the better. If they cannot sneak up on someone, then Tali Sroka will not bother confronting them.

LekWarrior (Combat Aspect)

Tali Sroka is more proficient with controlling her lekku than most of her peers, being able to use them for more complicated actions than merely subtle gestures. Beyond this, however, Tali has trained to use her lekku in a more offensive capacity if necessary, adding protection to the tips. This allows the use of lekku as an unexpected blunt instrument, flailing around to slap an unobservant opponent or wiggling as a distraction. Though offering an unpredictable vector of attack, the tactic is also fraught with danger as the naturally sensitive organs are left exposed and repeated blunt impact may leave the user dizzy and disoriented, not to mention the extra mental strain required to move the lekku in the first place.

Skill Feats
Won't Attract The Worm Lightning Reflexes
Force Feats
I Know That Feel, Bro Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain Energy Dispersion Telekinetic Strike I
Granted Feats
Twi'lek: Talk Lekku To Me Twi'lek: Just The Tips Order Feat: Force Disciple Channel II Dowsing II Steel Curtain
  • Basic
  • Hutteese
  • Twi'leki
  • Lekwarmers
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Sliding Hands
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Jar'Kai
Secondary Lightsaber Form None