Sapphire Blade events for Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake

Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
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Adept Dracaryis
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Justinios' service on the Fist staff over the past seven months has been nothing short of extraordinary. Justinios is hard working, reliable, and thinks outside the box when helping to build competition content for members. Justinos has been instrumental in keeping up with multiple competitions, updates to the wiki, updates to the Fist-owned Shadow Academy courses, and maintaining my high standard for activity monitoring and approval.

Since joining the staff, Justinios has run 12 competitions as part of the Fist monthly gaming events. Focusing primarily on the Flash and Mobile gaming categories, Justinios ensured that each month the club's gamers were challenged in new and exciting ways. His competitions had the highest participation rate of any event the Fist office ran outside of a Great Jedi War or Club Wide Vendetta. On top of this, he co-organized the support test for Warframe, the DJB's most recent gaming library addition. Justinios reviewed hundreds of screenshots, assisted the P:Fist with recommending cluster values, modifiers, and helped to determine the best support possible for the game. Warframe is slowly becoming one of the club's most popular games, and it is because of Justinios' efforts that this game made it out of the testing phase.

Justinios helped to manage the myriad of Fist-owned Shadow Academy courses by taking on the Docent responsibilities for the Ranged Studies and Capital Ships courses. Justinios did an exceptional job of revamping both courses to ensure that the outdated and non-canon Legends material was replaced with the relevant canon material. Justinios took his efforts one step further by updating all courses to include information on ships and weaponry from Rogue One, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the Rebels cartoon series.

Since joining the staff, Justinios has approved hundreds of gaming activities. He has reviewed and processed over 337 PvE/PvO activities and 24 PvP activities, all well within the 24 hour timeframe I require for approval. Justinios is also an active gamer, playing 23 PvP Matches and 51 PvE/PvO activities over the duration of his time on my staff. Justinios is one of the true ambassadors of gaming for our members. He is active, driven, and motivated in everything he does to make gaming better for our club and its members.

It is my privilege to award him with his very first sacramental award.

Congratulations, Justinios. Thank you for everything you have done during your time on staff.


Adept Dracaryis, 2018-12-18 19:14:16 UTC