Character Snapshot (Raiheaux)

Character Snapshot for Savant Justinios Drake (2018/10/14, Meridan Combat)

Savant Justinios Drake

Equite 2, Equite tier, Clan Taldryan
Male Aleena, Force Disciple, Arcanist
Height: 0.82 m / 2'8" - Weight: 21.2 kg / 47 lbs
Age: 34 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Justinios shares many traits common among members of Aleena species. His hairless, scaly skin is mostly blue with the exception of the white areas on his torso, under his arms and around his mouth. As with most Aleena, Justinios posseses a mouth far too large for such a small small head that is filled with small, but sharp, teeth. Additinally, a small black pupil ringed by a sliver of bright blue form a tiny point at the center of Justinios' two bulbous eyes.

Justinios' most individually distinguishing physical trait is his height which makes him a veritable giant among his own people. His well above average height easily differentiates him when he is among other Aleena but beings unfamiliar with the diminutive species would have a difficult time noticing the variation without the side-by-side comparison.

Although of slighly larger proportion than is standard, Justinios is built like any other Aleena. A thin pair of arms connects to a long, slender torso. Below the waist, Justinios' body flares out, allowing his short but sturdy legs to form a fairly wide stance for possessing such an otherwise slender frame.

Loadout: Combat Mission (Snapshot)
Professor First, Jedi Second (General Aspect)

Justinios Drake spent the years leading up to his introduction to the Brotherhood within the halls of academia. To this day, he still places the pursuit of scientific knowledge as top priority. Even after discovering he was Force Sensitive and receiving formal training, Justinios Drake prefers to use the Force as a tool to adcance his research as opposed to the pursuit of martial prowess, a vast fortune, a cadre of loyal subjects or even the protection others. This view of the Force can lead some to see him as selfish while others view him as weak.

Wicked Problems, Worse Solutions (General Aspect)

Over the years, Justinios Drake has observed many of his fellow sentient beings make the mistake of over simplifying problems that are difficult, if not impossible, to solve. He has seen individuals from all walks of life ignore complex inter-dependencies, incomplete information, and changing requirements in an attempt to force a resolution that is considered optimal based on preconceived belief systems. In response to this observation, Justinios Drake has resolved to make measured decisions based on the facts and hand while minimizing the influence of preconceptions and prejudices. This very logical approach often leads Justinios Drake to come up with novel solutions, even if those same ideas tend to alienate him further from those with entrenched ideologies. The lack of a predefined belief system of his own tends to leave Justinios Drake without a defined group to identify with.

FOBI: Fear of Being Included (Personality Aspect)

Some beings have a fear of missing out but Justinios Drake has a fear of being included. Given the choice between time by himself and joining a group of friends for a night out, Justinios Drake will almost always choose to be home rather than out in crowded environments. His introverted personality is oftentimes mistaken for social awkwardness but, on the rare occasion that Justinios Drake does choose to have social interactions, he is more than capable of being pleasant and approachable. However, acquaintances will find it very difficult to catch Justinios Drake in such an interaction as he will deftly avoid invitations and cancel previously established plans. This intentionally insular lifestyle has created very few emotional attachments that enemies could use against Justinios Drake but he also does not have many close friends he can count on to bail him out of trouble.

This Might Not be the Time or Place... (Personality Aspect)

Justinios Drake looks for the humor in almost any situation that crosses his path, even circumstances that evoke emotions of fear, sadness or anger in others. His willingness to make light about any topic, even personal ones, makes it tough to effect Justinios Drake’s demeanor by bringing up current shortcomings or past failures. However, his penchant for making light of serious or even taboo situations can elicit strong emotions from others and commonly helps new create adversaries. Additionally, his seemingly carefree attitude about items of extreme importance to others has, in the past, led others to believe that Justinios Drake does not take matters seriously.

I’m Just Going to Go Stand Over There for a Second (Combat Aspect)

In the event that Justinios Drake is not able to defeat a foe in a timely fashion, he will attempt to retreat to a safe location and attempt to recover energy. Justinios Drake prefers to rest before continuing his assault rather than planting his feet into the ground and mounting a defense. The only contingency plan Justinios Drake has in the event that his opponent prevents disengagement is to drain his remaining endurance in an attempt to end the fight before collapsing in exhaustion.

Will You... Just... Stand... Still... (Combat Aspect)

Justinios Drake relies heavily on his speed, quickness and agility when fighting opponents of all shapes and sizes. Justinios Drake will attempt to use all of the skills in his arsenal to stay in motion and in close quarters during combat. He favors using constant movement to evade attacks while simultaneously seeking to stretch an opponent’s defense while it reacts to the nimble assault. This rapid fire approach to combat quickly loses its effectiveness if the fight goes on for longer than Justinios Drake can keep up his endurance.

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes
Force Feats
Escape Artist Saber Throw Stun I Reflexive Counter
Granted Feats
Order Feat: Force Disciple Aleena: Nine Lives Aleena: Bite Size Channel II Dowsing II
  • Aleena
  • Basic
  • Ewokese
  • Advanced Particle Physics
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form IV (Ataru)
Secondary Lightsaber Form None