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Character Snapshot for Tybalt Ma'jahirr Rawioni (05/17/2020,)

Seer Tybalt Ma'jahirr Rawioni

Equite, Clan Arcona
Male Togorian, Force Disciple, Defender, Sentinel Adherent
Height: 2.55 m / 8'4" - Weight: 130.0 kg / 287 lbs
Age: 22 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Standing significantly tall compared to many other Togorians, Tybalt has a large broad build of a beef muscular stance with thick yet plush lightly gray-white fur patterned with small uniquely shaped rosettes and dots within those on the posterior side of his body. His irises are of a transcendent faded coloration of blue mist in his left eye and a forest shade green in his right. Within those colors is a faint ring of english gold yellow just within the body of the irises. His nose is of a very dimmed rose pink. His ears upon his head are of a rounded shape with small tufts of fur sticking out in the outer parts. As stated before, his fur is very plush and has much of a soft consistency as well as the length of the strands is significantly longer than others of his kind. His paws are quite large, more so with his hind legs, and his tail is just as long as the main length of his body.

Loadout: Default Tybalt (Snapshot)
Balanced, As All Should Be (General Aspect)

Due to the raiding and pillaging of his people as a cub, Tybalt has most faced a rough upbringing, but has made efforts to remain faithful to acts of goodness in a means to repress his desire for revenge. He has mostly lived a life of repression until a pivotal moment where he felt his desire for revenge spilling over and consuming him as he later personally hunted the group responsible for the murders. Believing this would bring him peace, Tybalt quickly realized it was a borrowed peace, allowing his fears to keep him from protecting others who needed him. Inaction and reaction became themes for his observation of the world, seeking to balance the needs and wants with an understanding some situations call for one.

You Will Never Know if You Don’t Try (General Aspect)

Being of a very excitable energetic yet impulsive nature, Tybalt becomes a boisterous and reckless adventurer as he takes risks when presented with opportunities. He prefers to think outside the logical box of steps in a task or even trying to prepare for a mission because his beliefs are “nothing ventured is nothing gained” and “things are just simpler than they seem”. There are times when he takes a risk without appreciating the gravity of the situation and it results in disastrous results, leaving him to pick up the pieces of his action(s). However, Tybalt is known to take these risks with stride, using humor and determination to push through the fallout once he understands the severity of the situation.

Selflessness is Next to Murderous Intent (Personality Aspect)

Secondary to the destruction of his village, Tybalt has placed a high focus in his friends and family that he has made over the years with the utmost respect. The value and influence of these people for Tybalt on his journey to find himself and feel as if he belongs is one to admire and be cautious. These people are Tybalt’s first priority before any of his needs or wants. As such it would not be unusual for Tybalt to hold these people so highly that if one were to harm any of them, then he would have no other option but to become enraged with a deadly intent to harm the perpetrator to rectify the situation. This may swing between a moderate amount of anger and emotion to an almost barbaric berserker absent-minded rampage.

Capable yet Loveable Moron (Personality Aspect)

Tybalt is a young man to find the good in everything despite his infrequent moments of depression where he questions himself. He often places himself as the butt-end of a joke to incite comedy from tragedy, especially during the downtimes to deflect attention elsewhere. If a situation has resulted in a mistake, no matter how severe or minor, you can count on Tybalt attempting to make light of it with a joke and/or laugh. However, his desire to keep things light and see the positive should not be taken as this Togorian being completely dense or naive. His coping mechanism is to live in bliss with little assumptions made for the negative probabilities and/or realities in his life. When he realizes bliss is not enough and what he does matters for the situation, Tybalt becomes focused and reliable to complete the task at hand for the most successful results.

I Know I Put It Somewhere... (Combat Aspect)

Fond of staying alive and prepared, Tybalt keeps several bladed weapons hidden on his person at all times and in all different locations. Tybalt switches these locations periodically in order to maintain an element of surprise even among his allies who know him. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that he is slower to draw one of these weapons if he forgets where he stashed them.

Lover, Not a Fighter (Combat Aspect)

Considering his usual ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ attitude, Tybalt is not one to go looking for a fight, keeping things light and humorous. Sometimes this means using his wit before his skills to dissuade his opponents. If he has to fight, he will utilize his skill in Mind Trick and other ways to distract in the midst of combat to heal himself should he sustain injuries. However, a reluctance to fight can also keep Tybalt from completely finishing a fight and may cause him to have enemies due to misunderstands and/or an attempt to get revenge from a humiliating ‘defeat’.

Skill Feats
Sleeping Rancor Parkour!
Force Feats
Dampen I Reflexive Counter Manchurian Candidate Psychometry I
Granted Feats
Synergy II Togorian: Feline Grace Togorian: For Honor Order Feat: Force Disciple Force Pulse II
  • Basic
  • Togorian
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art K'thri
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form V (Shien)
Secondary Lightsaber Form None