Steel Cross events for Battlemaster Aldaric

Steel Cross events
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Steel Cross
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Reaver Qyreia Arronen
Primary reason

For a new guy, Aldaric has been a bustling beacon of activity, and never quite in the way we might’ve imagined. Not counting all of the e-mails I’ve gotten previously over his Shadow Academy courses taken, since his promotion to Knight in November, he’s managed to pass another 7! This has garnered him the know-how that won him some trivia and 3 Legions of the Scholar to go with it. Get this schutta a textbook. Schuttas love textbooks.

His academia notwithstanding, in this same timeframe, he’s also participated in 32 competitions, 12 of which fell into Rites of Supremacy: Meridian and thus netted him 12 Seals of Fury. In addition, he managed to earn a Silver Nova out of the bunch, as well as 2 Crescents with Ruby Stars. His other activity has gotten him 9 Pendants of Blood, 22 Clusters of Fire, and 125 Clusters of Earth, showing off his penchant for gaming. He’s no one-trick pony though, expanding his horizons and earning an additional 12 Clusters of Graphite. And for his recruiting efforts, he’s also managed to bring another member into the fold as well as nabbing a Scroll of Indoctrination.

This sort of activity, especially over such a short time, is the shining example of what we like to see in the newer generations of members, and so it is my recommendation that he be awarded a Steel Cross.


Qyreia Arronen
Quaestor, House Galeres

Reaver Qyreia Arronen, 2018-12-14 05:20:55 UTC