Amethyst Kukri events for Augur Appius Taldrya Wight

Amethyst Kukri events
Event ID
Amethyst Kukri
Requested by
Prophet Dacien Victae
Primary reason

Appius has been a whirlwind of activity since his promotion to EQ3, organizing 55 competitions and participating in 135 of them and picking up two dozen crescents. He has also been an absolutely prolific writer, churning out 62,000 words for fiction comps (including three SNs for GJW fiction comps and a GN for the clan run-on) plus another nearly 29,000 words in Discord-based RP sessions. All of that writing earned him a truly impressive 235 CIs, but he also managed to find time to pick up 97 CGs from graphics competitions and 25 Seals of Ascension (and placing 11th overall in the vendetta). In short, this guy is one of our most active leaders.

His work as Consul has been similarly impressive. Under his leadership, Taldryan secured Third Clan of the Brotherhood after an extremely close fight for 2nd place, and the clan's success is due in large part to Appius' hard work organizing and encouraging his members. Prior to the vendetta, he also co-organized a very successful 21-comp inter-clan event with CSP: The Great Ewok Hunt, which drew strong participation from both clans.

Congratulations on the new stabby, Appius!

Prophet Dacien Victae, 2022-08-06 02:30:16 UTC
Additional reasons

Appius has done an incredible job leading Clan Taldryan his his last award. Working on building up the Clan backstory and identity and leading them into and through the vendetta. When looking at awarding him for all his great work this year I was reminded all over again just how short a time he's been part of our community and already made such a great impact as a leader. I look forward to seeing what you continue to accomplish and the experiences and opportunities you continue to provide as leader of Taldryan. Congraulations.

Grand Master Darth Nehalem, 2022-08-05 21:04:33 UTC