Character Snapshot (Mystic Appius "Zappius" Wight)

Character Snapshot for Appius Wight (03/30/2020, Run on.)

Mystic Appius Wight

Equite, Clan Vizsla
Male Human, Force Disciple, Sorcerer, Mandalorian
Height: 1.92 m / 6'4" - Weight: 92.07 kg / 203 lbs
Age: 28 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Appius is a very tall Mandalorian Force using human with pale skin and a slender body build with brown hair that he chooses to keep short to hide the fact his hairline is receding at the sides. He has deep blue eyes which display all that he is feeling at any given moment. He has long arms, hands and legs which are natural given his taller height.

Distinguishing marks

He has a horizontal scar across the left side of his body located where his left kidney used to be. The result of a plasma arrow that embedded itself into him during GJW XIII that destroyed his left kidney.

Loadout: Appius Wight (Snapshot)
A Little Downtime (General Aspect)

Life is extremely difficult in the galaxy and that's especially true for Appius Wight. He is many things. A Force Disciple, a child at heart, a man who likes a good joke and a caring, emotional soul. But one thing is for certain, he is very much an introvert and every now and then requires some time alone. Whether to meditate or just recharge his batteries so to speak. Socialization can be taxing on him so it's good to have a break.

He carries a family heirloom with him with the initials A.W and T.S inscribed into it. It was a gift from his wife whom he married in 35ABY. He hasn't seen her since he joined the Brotherhood and is determined to find her.

Mando'a Jetii (General Aspect)

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession and it's often said that beggers can't be choosers, especially in the line of work Appius Wight is subjected too. As a result of being a Mandalorian Force User and former Jedi, Appius Wight has become particularly picky about the contracts he accepts.

He has built up a reputation amongst Clan Vizsla for only accepting contracts where he beleives the target deserves it. Either because they are scum, they had it coming, or simply the will of the Living Force itself.

Upon occasion this has put him at odds with other members of Clan Vizsla who are more willing to accept anything in the name of credits.

A Change Of Perspective (Personality Aspect)

After the events of GJW XIII, Appius Wight has become disheartened by the Jedi code and fails to understand why they beleived in no emotion, yet peace in a universe full of conflict and strife.

Despite this, Appius Wight remains on the path of the light. He remains approachable, easy to get on with and willing to do what he can for those he considers friends and allies and very much wears his heart on his sleeve.

Unfortunately events in his life means that he has developed a deep need to be accepted and appreciated by those around him.

The Darkness Within (Personality Aspect)

After the events of GJW XIII, Appius Wight became disheartened with the Jedi Code and left the order behind.

Despite this, Appius Wight remains on the path of the light. He remains approachable, highly sensitive emotionally, easy to get on with and willing to do what he can for those he considers friends and allies and very much wears his heart on his sleeve as part of a need to be accepted by others around him.

Unfortunately, recent events have begun to develop a darkness within his heart which he represses and denies. Something others can take advantage of.

Prove You Wrong (Combat Aspect)

Appius Wight is a firm believer that Niman is as legitimate a lightsaber form as any other.

As such, after barely surviving Great Jedi War XIII, fighting Seraine Erinyes Ténama in Club Kasakar, and being a key player in the feud between Vizsla and Plagueis, he has become incredibly determined to prove Form VI's worth as a saber style. Considering it is not a form often used by many in the Brotherhood.

He has even gone so far as to dedicate time to becoming proficient in Jar'Kai, which has close links to Form VI, and will use it in combination with Niman against other saberist's, attempting to overwhelm them with two lightsabers.

Yet, pride can be fickle and as such, Appius' own stubbornness has a tendency to get the better of him, especially against other saberists that are more skilled with the blade than he is.

Reinventing The Wheel (Combat Aspect)

Despite his skills with a lightsaber, Appius Wight firmly believes that true strength comes from using Force abilities in conjunction with lightsaber combat.

As such he is a master of Niman. He has studied the form for two decades, and as a result, has become extremely proficient at combining lightsaber techniques with his powers in the Force to create a unique and unorthodox combat style.

Telekinesis to push or pull, Slow to halt their movements and gain and advantage, Amplification to boost his physical attributes, and Force Lightning to stun, or even kill enemies are just a few examples of the techniques he will use.

However, as impressive as all this seems, Appius relies so heavily on using them both in conjunction with each other that if he can't use his Force Powers or his lightsaber, his fighting style will suffer as a result. His emphasis on using the Force can also leave him fatigued in prolonged battles.

Skill Feats
Beast Of Burden
Force Feats
Disjunction Stream It Telekinetic Wave Battle Mind II Lance II Saber Throw
General Feats
Human: Just Another Face Human: Eye Of The Tiger Order Feat: Force Disciple (Light)
  • Basic
  • Binary (Droid Speak)
  • Mando'a
  • Lightsaber Forms of Combat: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form VI (Niman)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Jar'Kai