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Blade Master Aiden Lee Deshra
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Since her last elevation to Equite five and a half months ago, Zuza Lottson has continued to be one of Arcona’s beacons of not just activity, but positivity. Zuza accomplishes this by being warm, inviting, and helpful to everyone around her and organically encourages activity from others that can’t help but be swept up by her energy.

This has manifested into Zuza earning 26 crescents through participating in 44 total competitions. This includes a crescent with a Diamond Star, 5 with Ruby Stars, 13 with Amethyst stars, 4 with Sapphire Stars, 2 with Emerald Stars, and another with Topaz Star. She has completed 2 Shadow Academy courses as well.

The 46,357 words of fiction she’s written will only continue to increase as she brings all three of her characters to life in both competition fiction and our Roleplaying Sessions. This is evident of course by her 95* Clusters of Ice over the past five and a half months.

Beyond this, Zuza has been incredibly helpful in contributing to our world building efforts on the Voidbreaker wiki. She has helped flush out some of the descriptions and with proof reading efforts.

Having just been added to the Arcona Summit, in her first day on the job, she’s already taken care of promoting one of our upcoming Journeyman. I am very excited to see what Zuza continues to do for our team.

For all of this, congratulations Zuza on your first Grand Cross!


Battleteam Leader: Voidbreaker

Blade Master Aiden Lee Deshra, 2022-01-07 01:13:03 UTC