Grand Cross events for Savant Kah'ri Marru

Grand Cross events
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Grand Cross
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Requested by
Master Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz-Palpatine
Primary reason

Mystic Kah’ri Marru has reached the required 2278 Medal XP to earn their first Grand Cross!.

"Bring in the next one..." Kamjin pinched his nose. His head hurt. Kevin replaced the datapad on his desk with a fresh one as Kah'ri came in. His claves bulging out of his ripped boots after that massive free climb on the mountain side. "Okay, this, Kah'ri," Kamjin said scanning the datapad.

"As you are aware, there were several incidents that occurred as a result of my daughter, Komilia Lap'lamiz. HR has reviewed your report of the situation and we are going to offer..." Kamjin scanned the datapad again. "Ah, yes, a Grand Cross to recognize your outstanding performance during the event. We'll also be waiving your mandatory corporate training on the Scholae Palatinae corporate handbook."

Kevin presented Kah'ri with the Grand Cross and with a datapad. Kevin turned and nodded his head towards the datapad now in Kah'ri's hand. "Oh, yes...if you'll please acknowledge on the datapad that by accepting this award that you will not hold Scholae Palatinae, the Imperial bureaucracy, the Lap'lamiz estate, in whole or part liable for any damages, emotional or physical, as a result of the experience," Kamjin said.

Master Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz-Palpatine, 2023-02-02 04:35:22 UTC