Amethyst Kukri events for General Kell Palpatine Dante

Amethyst Kukri events
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Amethyst Kukri
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1305 XP
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Fremoc Pepoi
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Dante is one of the few members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, who have influenced me to such a degree. He does not hold high position within the Dark Brotherhood, but it is not what makes me respect him so much. What makes me respect him so much is his attitude towards other members of the House and myself personally, as he was my Master on my way to the Knighthood.

Description of the Amethyst Kukri emphasizes that its recipient have shown extraordinary dedication and abilities in one area of the Dark Brotherhood. I believe that Dante has proved himself valuable in various matters, but what I would like to recommend this award for him is his service seen as a whole.

I wish to stress that Dante has shown exceptional abilities and dedication in being an exemplary member of the House and whole Dark Brotherhood. He has earned countless Clusters of Fire and numerous other awards since his promotion to the rank of Primarch. This proves his dedication to participating in multiplayer gaming to inspire activity there. Also, he has came up with several competitions for the House and has served on the position of Battleteam Leader of Nightstalkers.

In addition to all these merits, Dante is nearly always available via IRC, always willing to help if someone needs it. He uses his skills, experience and knowledge in the best interest of House Scholae Palatinae and the Dark Brotherhood as the whole. This is the area, where Dante shows his exceptional dedication and abilities and that is why, I would like to add my supporting voice to this recommendation for this Amethyst Kukri.

Signed, DJK Xantros BTL of Caliburnus

Most of my time around Dante has been spent with the two of us exchanging rounds from the business end of shotguns. He is a dominant force in gaming - not only talented in the arena, but also as he's been working alongside Fremoc as Magistrate to the Fist. Talented, tactful, and regularly present in any gaming event - even with my limited view of Dante's accomplishments, I'm glad to be a part of this club alongside him. His name floats to the top of the club as one of the many older members who have been incredibly active in the club and involved in their Houses. For his commitment and devotion to this club over the past nine years, I'd like to add my recommendation to the others who are calling for him to be awarded this Amethyst Kukri. He deserves this.

OT Eiko Quaestor, House Revan

Dante is with out a doubt the heavy hitter in Scholae Palatinae. He is the one I can rely upon to make an active showing no matter what it involves. Since his last promotion Dante has been the single most active and productive member of Scholae Palatinae earning an incredible amount of medals. Since his last promotion he has earned: 6 Pendants of Blood, over 750 Clusters of Fire, 2 Clusters of Ice, 9 Seals of Return, 14 Seals of Defiance, 1 Dark Cross, 2 Anteian Crosses, 1 Steel Cross, 2 Grand Crosses, 2 Scrolls of Foundation, 1 Legion of the Scholar, 1 Seal of Loyalty, 2 Bronze Nova, 7 Silver Nova and a Multitude of Crescents (2 Diamonds, 5 Rubies, 6 Amethysts, 6 Emeralds, 5 Topaz, 2 Sapphire, 1 Quartz). Dante always participates in as many competitions during large events as he can. In the last IGs he participated in 9 and ranked 4th overall. He proudly represents the best of Scholae Palatinae each time he participates in a competition.

But Dante isn’t just a heavily active member who participates in big events and games a ton. Dante is a key member of the Scholae Palatinae Summit and an aid to the office of the FIST. Dante has been a long-standing member of Scholae Palatinae and been either in an official leadership position or advisory position for most of his time here. In many respects he serves as both currently.

As a friend and advisor I know I can rely on Dante to provide feedback in support in what I am doing as QUA. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion and is always willing to lend a helping hand to projects that extend beyond his current position as a BTL. A prime example of this is his work on bringing the military plan for HSP up to where it is supposed to be (our system was old and never finished).

As a BTL Dante not only leads through as an incredibly active example he provides structure for his members as well as plenty of opportunities for them to experience what leadership can be like. He pushes his BT to not only participate but to also create and run their own competitions and to interact with each other.

Simple put Dante is one hell of a member and a leader. We are lucky to have him around and he deserves recognition for his incredible efforts both on the House Level and DB wide.

Congratulations Dante.

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Old man Dante, is a great staff member to have around. Since I hired him back in December, he has been a valuable resource for insight in various aspects of the DJB's gaming. He will provide advise when I'm working on something, especially when it comes to something that is on older venues. He and I brought back our presence in, where he and Havok having been flying against members of the TRA, TFA, RS, and making our club more well known outside of our normal means. He's earned easily over 500 CF's since he joined my staff and has kept activity in gaming high.

Like i said he helped restore our presence in after I was given leadership of our page and group there. He and I have been creating competitions there where our members can participate, while also signing up for events that were created by other clubs.

Another one of our major projects was restarting the Inter Club Gaming Event. In February we began testing the system to make sure it still worked. Initial testing showed that it still worked, and we re-launched the event for members, with Dante acting as the man in charge for it. We gathered the EH, GE, and the RS initially to gather support. After a few months, we reached out to other clubs namely the TRA and the TFA and various smaller clubs under the flag of the DJO. They eventually got on board and we've been slowly growing ever since. Dante has been though the man that I put in charge of this event. He starts up the bot, shuts it off, and recommends the CF's that are earned that day.

On any given day he'll make sure my sanity is in check, and asking if there's anything needed to be done. More often than not, I will ask him to proof read some work that I have been doing so that I'm not lookig like I'm illiterate.

Without Dante, I'm sure Araxis and myself would be bouncing around like crazy with random ideas. So I'd like to thank you Dante, by awarding you an Amethyst Kukri. Congrats man.

Exarch Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

Fremoc Pepoi, 2011-07-10 08:18:32 UTC