Ruby Scepter events for Adept Selika Roh

Ruby Scepter events
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Ruby Scepter
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Grand Master Declan Roark
Primary reason

Selika Roh (henceforth known as Slagar in this recommendation) has provided the Dark Jedi Brotherhood with outstanding support and leadership in his role as the Wiki Tribune over the past six months. The Wiki Tribune is an unheralded position because no one pays attention to it when the wiki looks good and everything is going according to plan. The reason our current wiki is working well and going to plan is because of Slagar’s direct leadership over the archive.

Slagar has dedicated countless hours and effort towards the streamlining, updating, and fixing of our wiki structure. In the past six months he has updated the wiki with 386 unique contributions. This contributions have ranged from fixing a member’s poor formatting to updating the DJB Fiction by removing those pesky Vong from our archives.

Slagar is also responsible for updated design on the front page of our wiki making it more professional and visually appealing to our members. This layout redesign is the first we have had in a long time and was a great addition to the website.

Additionally, Slagar has handled a host of initiatives from fixing our DJB timelines, to new category creation in support of possessions, and the creation of new templates to fix auto-calculations handled by our website. These initiatives also include the exceptionally well created competitions series, The Undertaking. Slagar designed, ran, and advertised this Wiki based-DJB wide competition with little guidance from me, but a lot of initiative from him. Slagar’s efforts on this event show the type of leader he has become within our club.

Managing the wiki is a tough task when things go bad and that is a testament to just how well Slagar has done in the position.

I will close by also stating that Slagar has performed tremendously as a leader within Clan Plagueis. Plagueis has had a long history of ups and downs and this is one of the few times in the DB where the Clan has remained stable and healthy for such a long period of time. I believe a large part of this is Slagar’s leadership and ability to see all sides of disputes. This is a well deserved award and I’m glad to be a part of the recommendation.


Grand Master Pravus

Grand Master Declan Roark, 2016-11-26 15:21:16 UTC
Additional reasons

Selika Roh has done some of the most extensive work I’ve seen any Magistrate do in the Office in the last 8 years that I’ve been involved with it. To say that his contributions are anything short of shining would be disrespect to his service. Firstly, I would like to talk about projects, and these include bi-monthly releases, the Herald Style Hanukkah and Possessions, and we’ll start chronologically.

The last Herald Style Hanukkah was in December 2015. That particular event, being the final one of its kind, was particularly large, yielding 1475 new images total uploaded to the site. Of those 1475, Selika has completed 520. That’s 19 items in various combinations of styles, colors, models, etc., both robes and weapons alike. That is a substantial chunk of the work that he has completed on time and diligently, making sure no detail escaped his attention. Next, we need to mention bi-monthly releases of which we’ve had two so far. Selika has completed 2 items, but those two items yielded 50 new images on the website for the members to enjoy. Possessions is another element I must mention because, despite it being a ways away from release, Selika has already completed 100 images for the starfighters, starships and speeders that will be included in the system itself.

Then we come to the day-to-day work that Selika has been doing. His return rate or warbanners, in particular, was extremely fast and usually no longer than one day, maybe two if real life kept him busy. He has completed 14 Warbanners since his last promotion. He has also completed 4 custom weapon images for our members and 19 graphics requests from Summits and leadership that yielded well over 40 images in total. All in all Selika has done a stellar job and created 159 new items, totaling 728 images, not including the ones he did off the record, for the Dark Brotherhood since last December alone..

In conclusion I would like to add a personal note. Selika is not only a good artist, he is a hard worker when he is not bogged down with his real life work. And even then, he will usually find the time to help in some way. He has a drive to learn new things to improve himself and the quality of his work. He is also an active supporter of the Art Community we have strived to nurture in the past year, and for this I am personally thankful. I think Selika is one of the best artists we have in the Brotherhood and one of the best Magistrates to the Herald I’ve seen thus far. This award comes as no surprise. Congratulations!

  • Vyr (Morgan)
  • Herald of the Brotherhood

Master V'yr Vorsa, 2016-11-24 17:49:57 UTC

Since the day I became Consul of Clan Plagueis there has been one person who has been at my side the entire time: Selika Roh. With such a multi-faceted talent as my proconsul it becomes hard as time goes on to shrink everything he's done for both myself and Clan Plagueis into words. In the past six months Selika has been both what we in Plagueis call a "producer" and a "consumer".

The easier of the two to quantify is consumer; these are the things you can clearly see on a person's dossier. In the past eleven months Selika has participated in 59 competitions, bringing home crescents in 14 of those 59 including the coveted diamond crescent. As a writer he's produced 6,334 words of across 8 fiction activities, racked up 18 Clusters of Ice, participated in 3 ACC matches, including representing Clan Plagueis in the Grand Master's ACC tournament where he finished third overall. As a gamer he's been able to gather up plenty of awards including 4 Pendants of Blood, 23 Clusters of Fire, and 285 Clusters of Earth. He has also earned 3 of the new Clusters of Graphite for his graphics entries.

However, as I often say when praising Selika to others, it's as a producer where he really shines. In the short term, he's helped to mentor journeymen members to the rank of knight both for other masters and his own apprentice, Malice, which earned him his own Scroll of the Master. Engaging with the membership and pushing them to be active is one of Selika's best qualities. The most recent quarterly report from Mav showed that Plagueis had a participation ratio of 0.79 and a participations per competition of 9, both of which were significantly above the rest of the Brotherhood or the average. This has also been the best that Plagueis has seen in a very long time. I have no hesitation in chalking this up to the leadership that Selika has brought to Plagueis, by my side, since day one as proconsul. Aside from that, Selika has organized 6 competitions and co-organized 36 additional competitions. Out of these, many were competitions belonging to the Clan Plagueis-Odan Urr feud: Between Light and Dark. When the leadership of Odan Urr first approached us to do something together we jumped right on board. Little did we know that we'd eventually be laying the foundations for how feuds work in the Brotherhood as we were the first real "feud" in years. Selika was instrumental in the feuds planning, implementation, and guidelines. He helped ensure that the rules we set forth as a framework for others moving forward were fair, unbiased, and just. It isn't an exaggeration to say that the conversations over many nights on how to frame and move forward with the feud were heated. But I think this just goes to show fact that Selika is so passionate about what he does here in the Brotherhood and providing a service to the members. After all, we were told we'd be creating a template for the rest of the Brotherhood and wanted to get it right.

More recently Selika worked with me and the rest of the Plagueis leadership to create and deploy the 2016 Plagueis Pro Bowl event. The Pro Bowl and it's format (drafting, etc) was Selika's idea; something to get away from the norm. Following on from that, Selika also was instrumental in the creation and running of our A Call to Arms house feud pitting the two Plagueian houses against one another. Due to scheduling anomalies, both Dracaryis and myself were unavailable for quick turnaround grading, so Selika took on the job of grading all twenty-two events by himself to ensure that the event results were released to our members as soon as possible. And without any hesitation or break from providing fun to our members, he's right by my side as we're already into planning our next event.

  • Teylas Ramar di Plagia
  • Consul of Clan Plagueis

Warlord Teylas Ramar, 2016-11-24 17:49:06 UTC