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Sapphire Blade events
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Sapphire Blade
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2345 XP
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Adept Bentre Stahoes
Primary reason

Darkhawk Sadow.

Oh boy.

See, this is a member for whom he is certainly greater than the sum of his parts. In all honesty, every time that I have done a review of my membership, I have had Darkhawk niggling at the back of my mind in the 10 months he has served as my Proconsul and right hand. Not because he ever asks for anything- quite the opposite as a matter of fact. Rather, because Darkhawk for all the doubt he might show at times, he has proven himself a capable individuals on several accounts. While he has never asked for anything of his own, ensuring me it will come when it does or that he doesn't need anything....

Well, Darkhawk, you are gonna have to sit down, because I get a chance to brag on you. You see, Darkhawk is a more pivotal member than he realizes. I mean, I can point at the dossier stats as a show of this, yeah. And I will, but first I wanted to make sure to put this into the public view while I have Darkhawk's full attention: everything that I have accomplished in this Clan, everything that we have done for Naga Sadow, every victory, every high point has been in part because of Darkhawk.

It is not exaggerating to say that Darkhawk keeps me accountable for things that I owe the Dark Council, or that I plan to do for the Clan. He keeps on task, not allowing me to become complacent, unafraid to remain a monkey on my back. No rather, he ensures that we are working towards the best that we can for the Clan. When an issue pops up, he is already there, asking what the plan of attack is. He already wants to know what he can do to help or contribute. When it comes to Great Jedi War time, Darkhawk is in it, whole hog. Even when he doubts his own abilities, he is more than willing to give above and beyond. He might not even realize it, but I have seen Darkhawk go above the humble assertions of what he is capable of.

For example, Darkhawk was one of our members who "did everything" in our last Vendetta. Even though he expressed some doubt around the worthiness of his entries, he did nothing short of his best in whatever he did. And oftentimes, the quality of his work is above that which a pleb like myself could come up with. The quality of his work is consistent, even if it isn't everything he would always want. Yeah, Darkhawk, I am praising a "knuckle dragger" like you. You have earned it.

I mean, most recently Darkhawk was tasked with writing up the fiction and report for the month for Clan Naga Sadow. He delivered over 3k words in a report that served largely as the December Report for Clan Naga Sadow in November. This also garnered one of the best responses to a unit report I have seen of late. Own that, Darkhawk, because that was on you! You even completed it in a timely fashion, so nothing other than more praise to heap upon that chap.

And yet, all this I still feel is not entirely doing justice to my friend and Warlord Darkhawk Sadow. The dude is more than friendly and willing with our members. He wants to see the best from and by his fellow members. His attitude by and large is just the sort of thing that every member could want from a leader. I can confidently say that, if the time should come where Darkhawk finds himself helming a Clan, that if he has a second in command half as capable as he is, he should be quite set!

Among the 10 competitions he has organized and the 5 he co-organized, you can find the likes of our Winter in Orian Clan event, the Unchained Malady inter-Clan event with Taldryan, some of his own solitary one-off events and his own contributions to the success of our small Naga Sadow November event. More than just sitting on the sidelines organizing or helping to organize things, Darkhawk has kept busy with gaming, competitions, writing, and even a bit of the Shadow Academy. In the latter institution, Darkhawk knocked out 3 courses, which is noteworthy in the fact that despite his two decades in the club, he still finds the time to visit a part of our club that some members leave behind after they reach Knighthood.

Just how much has he participated? Well he has ticked up 77 unique competitions. He has engaged in 4 PVP matches and 7 PVE matches. He has written 31457 words over 15 fiction activities. He has thrown another 1262 words towards ROs with two posts of his own.

And what does he have to show for this? For his fiction, he has earned 78 Clusters of Ice. For gaming, he has earned 30 Clusters of Fire and another 28 Clusters of Earth. Oh yeah, and he has also earned a Pendant of Blood in gaming. Oh, and remember when I talked about he disparages his own work? Well, he has also ground out 29 Clusters of Graphite for graphics. So that tells me he is either more skilled or more confident than he gives himself credit for!

In the sphere of competitions, Darkhawk has a roughly 1 in 4 rate of participation to placement. That's right, beyond just putting up an effort that is nothing short of commendable, Darkhawk has earned 4 Crescents with a Diamond Star, 4 Crescents with a Ruby Star, 9 Crescents with an Amethyst Star and 3 Crescents with a Sapphire Star. Plus, remember when I mentioned being part of they group that "did everything" in the war? He has 22 Seals of Enmity in his trophy case because of that.

Darkhawk has also, despite the fact that his Consul completes the majority of reports at the Clan level for the unit, completed 5 news posts in his position. In these reports, he pushed and hyped events like the inter-Clan even with Taldryan, the Rite of Supremacy, and 2 instances in which Darkhawk ensured that our members were recognized for their efforts and kept in the know.

I feel that in closing this recommendation, I would be slightly negligent if I did not point out to Darkhawk's Seal of Loyalty. At risk of darkening myself in his eyes, Darkhawk was not one of my personal selections to receive a Seal back in May from the Clan. Even so, the excellence of my friend and comrade was recognized even by members outside of our wee corner of the club, in our small portion of this galaxy far, far away that we all take part in.

This recommendation only expresses a small portion of my gratitude towards and for Warlord Darkhawk Sadow. He has more than earned this small show of prestige, and I hope that he will forgive the brevity and the insufficient nature of this recommendation to express how much I appreciate his support and his friendship.

Congratulations, Darkhawk. May this be one of many, many a recognition to come for you in the years to come.

Bentre Sadow, Consul

Adept Bentre Stahoes, 2021-12-29 06:18:36 UTC