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Grand Cross
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Adept Bentre Stahoes
Primary reason

Darkhawk has served an noteworthy tenure as Quaestor. Since his promotion a number of months ago, he has kept himself busy. That isn't to say that he has just taken part in the sorts of things than start racking up numbers on the website's tracker, either. Though, I will be getting into that shortly. See, Takagari has been positively exemplary. His attitude has always been one of a willingness to help, a desire to see his fellow Clan-folks grow and excel and has been possessed of a humble spirit. If his words and actions are anything to go by, Darkhawk embodies a Servant-Leader philosophy that make others sit up and take notice. During events Darkhawk is constantly sending out emails and cheering along his fellow members, chatting up Telegram, announcing the achievements of folks in his House and completes regular reports which serve to keep his members in the know. All these things contributed to the the decision to award him with a Seal of Loyalty this past May.

Takagari has organized 6 competitions as part of the Three Shades of Black to provide his House opportunities for activity, but has not been standing aside. He has been keeping up some personal activity as well, taking part in 51 competitions since his last recognition and placing in 8 of them. One of these was even a Gold Nova! Besides the recent War, he has gathered up a Crescent with a Diamond Star, a Crescent with a Ruby Star, 3 Crescents with a Sapphire Star, and 2 Crescents with an Amethyst Star. If we are talking ratios, this means he earns at least one award for every ten competitions he takes part in.

He has been keeping himself busy writing fictions, writing 4 run on posts to write 2828 words over these posts, and completed an ACC battle(most recently in a match against Augur A'lora Kituri). He has also written 26820 words over 12 fiction activities, which has earned him, with the rest of his writing, 62 Clusters of Ice.

He has also taken part in some gaming, having earned 9 Clusters of Fire and a Pendant of Blood. This, and other activities like the graphics comps which brought home 29 Clusters of Graphite for this gent show that Darkhawk is a man of multiple talents.

Darkhawk has repeatedly expressed a desire to improve in fiction and gaming, and has shown himself not to be a push over when it comes to graphics. His efforts has certainly put my own graphics work to shame. Of particular note is, though time is not always permitting, he has also voiced a willingness to jump on and game with others.

During our recent War, as I mentioned above Darkhawk did bring home a Gold Nova, for a sweet-looking Holocron in one of our multimedia comps in the War. The 19 Seals of Discord attest to his overall contribution to the greater Clan Naga Sadow war effort. Darkhawk was also busy blowing up his House's mailing list, to help keep excitement up during the course of the Phases and Event-Long competitions.

When you observe all of this, it paints the picture of a well-rounded individual. Given enough time and experience, I think that Darkhawk will achieve heights that exceed what he expects. His attitude, his energy, sheer gumption and desire to do right by folks all combine to make him the sort of member and leader that serves Shar Dakhan well in whatever job he finds himself. He never shies away, and for that I must give him deep commendation. I do hope that this award will suffice. Congratulations, Darkhawk. It is well earned.

Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow

Overlord of Clan Naga Sadow

Adept Bentre Stahoes, 2019-10-01 08:20:35 UTC
Additional reasons

DarkHawk...where to start? First of all, he puts the rest of us to shame with his leadership skills. He is constantly in contact with his house both on telegram and email. He regularly reaches out to members individually and he regularly celebrates the achievements his house members have.

He goes above and beyond the call of duty. If a member of his is about to rogue out, they get a personal email from him, encouraging them to log into the sight and asking them to check out the comps that are available or to join us on telegram.

He actively participates in clan wide and DB wide events and has been a great example for membership as well as leadership.

He continually works to grow, not only as a leader but as a member of the club. While most of us tend to let our characters fall aside some while in leadership, DarkHawk still works to improve his, all while not letting the development of his house falter.

I know he reaches out on a regular basis to the senior members of his house and the Clan itself, asking advice, learning, growing, so as to be able to do his best for his house.

It is with great honor and privilege that I recommend DarkHawk for a Grand Cross. Congratulations!

Ashia Keibatsu

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, 2019-10-01 07:51:08 UTC

I would like to take the time to add my voice to those supporting this award for Darkhawk. Others can supply the statistics. What I want to talk about is his dedication to his Clan, House, and members. He issues regular and engaging reports. He constantly keeps the energy up on our email lists and supports and encourages others. The House's fictional corpus has grown and become vital again under his leadership. Behind the scenes he is always working on things to increase activity and make his House and Clan a better place. I should know, I've stood right with him working on several large projects and competitions over the years. He takes direction well and I have watched him grow tremendously as a leader since he became one. This guy right here is one of the best leaders we have in the Clan and I would daresay the club at large. I expect great things to keep coming from him, no doubt. I'm extremely pleased to add my voice to those who support this commendation.

Congratulations DarkHawk. You've earned it.

Adept Macron Goura Sadow, 2019-10-01 07:17:58 UTC

Darkhawk has been one of the most influential members I've had the honour of knowing in my period of service to this Clan. He has inspired me to push myself beyond my limits. He is always available to answer any questions and concerns that I've had about my station that has greatly helped in being easied into it.

This award is more than just well deserved. I believe it to be long over-due. Congratulations my friend. You've really earned this one, CO. In your own words

Deep Inhale


Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes, 2019-10-01 07:17:28 UTC