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This is the first Steel Cross I have recommended as Quaestor. I feel this is a very serious and important medal and as such, it has taken a lot of work to achieve this. DJK DarkHawk has been the DDD CMDR since before I was the Galthain QUA. It is amazing that he has survived it this long in my very CRITICAL and SCRUTINIZING ways as a House leader. I feel that having a good staff in command is ALWAYS a big step to having a good House. Through bad times and good as my DDD CMDR, after a very long period without thanks, and most certainly for an outstanding participation ratio (9/10) in the recent House Tridens competition, I feel that DH has succeeded as the head of Domi's Disciples of Death. There are still things that need working on, and the summits have discussed this, but even then, DarkHawk is Galthain's leading Sith CMDR. For having the most active, dedicated squadron, he must he rewarded as such. Congratulations, DJK DarkHawk... - QUA/SBM Pyralis

, 2002-12-12 23:00:00 UTC