Ruby Scepter events for Adept Jonaleth Isradia

Ruby Scepter events
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Ruby Scepter
Requested by
Master Syn Kaek
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Awarded after recommendation from DJM Sarin and Clan Plagueis:

The Ruby Scepter is the sign of a scholar in the Dark Side and its lore. It is awarded for achievement and/or contributions in the area of instruction, invention, and mentorship to one's Clan or Order. I can think of no one who is more worthy and deserving of this award than Dark Adept Jonaleth Isradia. Jonaleth is the Ultimate example of what a Master should be in the Dark Brotherhood. He is universally respected by his peers and more importantly by those he has mentored from Journeymen to Equite. Over the course of the past several years Jonaleth has mentored no less than six individuals into the Equite Class. His knowledge and training of these members have benefitted the entire Dark Brotherhood.

In addition to the training and mentoring of several members of Clan Plagueis, Jonaleth has also contributed to the area of invention and instuction by creating an enormous volume of work titled The Lore of Plagueis. This volume of work totals in at 20 pages of 10 font verdana and serves as a fictional drop for all that is Clan Plagueis. The Lore of Plagueis includes the History of the Clan, The Creation of the Clan's Force Powers, The Creation of the Clan's Elder Council of the Wise, the Clan's promotion guidelines, the Clan's Dark Jedi Knight Trials, The Clan's Force Powers, and the Clan's possessions. This body of work can only be summed up with the word, amazing.

On a personal note, I believe Jonaleth deserves this award because he truly is the Loremaster of Plagueis, Exar Kun, and the clan that preceeded that (you know, the evil one we dropped at Exodus). Jonaleth has kept meticulous records of the past of all of these Clans and has played a crucial part in allowing me to rebuild and create the history of Clan Plagueis. The rebuilding phase of Plagueis is now complete with Jonaleth's Lore of Plagueis and the Clan, the Dark Brotherhood, and I all owe him a debt of gratitude. - Dark Jedi Master Aristan "Sarin" Dantes

Words can hardly deliver the true meaning of DA Jonaleth Isradia's contributions and commitment to Clan Plagueis. His devotion to ensuring the growth and spread of knowledge within the Clan is unparalleled anywhere else in the Dark Brotherhood. His exhausting work on the creation of the Council of the Wise, organizing the artifacts and other objects in possession of Clan Plagueis, assistance in building the Clan History, involvement in the development of the "di Plagia" honors, and major work in development of the Clan Plagueis Powers can only begin to define the contributions of this outstanding Dark Jedi withiin Clan Plagueis. Without his commitment and energy Clan Plagueis would not have managed to evolve these fine projects and assets as fast as they have come to reality. As Proconsul of Plagueis I am consistently amazed by the leadership qualities that Jonaleth exhibits at all times. Over time Jonaleth and I have forged a bond of friendship, and through that bond I have discovered an individual that holds the true values of what it means to be a Dark Jedi and mentor close to his heart, while also serving as a severe reminder of what can happen to those that prove disloyal to Clan Plagueis. His wrath is only tempered by his generosity and loyalty to those that humbly serve within Clan Plagueis. On behalf of the members of Clan Plagueis I humbly request that DA Jonaleth Isradia be awarded the Ruby Scepter for his exceptional and tireless efforts and work in the many projects and mentoring he has unselfishly undertaken during these past months while the Clan itself underwent a major leadership change and restructuring. Jonaleth is indeed a rare breed among a sea of Dark Jedi. - SBM Salth Khan, Proconsul of Clan Plagueis

When I joined the Brotherhood, I was greeted by Jonaleth and was struck by the wealth of knowledge that he possessed. Since then, he has always been one to turn to when you needed help with a competition entry or guidance in your trials. Having been a student of his, I have valued his opinion and his judgement. He tirelessly lends his service to those who ask of it and strives to make each person better than they were before. His recent service to Clan Plagueis as Loremaster has demonstrated unrelenting service from this scholarly man. Congrats Master Isradia. - Priest Cipher K'oranian Isradia

Master Syn Kaek, 2006-04-18 22:00:00 UTC